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Feb 2
Alcohol stained lips,
yours of ***** and mine of liqour.
An oddly divine combination as our tongues danced together in synchronization.
Ragged breathes and tangled limbs,
sweet honey dripping, begging for a little taste.
Hands digging into my waist,
you, between my legs.
Slippery sweat soaked skin,
our pace getting faster and faster.
Fingernails sinking into your back
leaving red territorial lines.
My body twitches.
A final release.
I cry your name out in ecstasy,
as you cried out hers.
We lay in disquietude, our naked bodies exposed,
a one night stand I’ll forever remember,
a one night stand you’ll forget once sober.
You remind me of the floating wisps of dust,
fleeting from my grasp.
Written by
Asyura  17/F/πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬
     Rich Hues
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