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Tiara I S Mar 2019
nourish a moonflower
tears water her best
shield her from the sun-
for sunlight burns the thin petals

why wont the moon shine down evermore
I need its presence as I wilt
from this disease that seeks attention
from those favorable to my eyes
all other doses are fine
yet not as potent as that of fine ambrosia
leiden with gentle eyes and firm brows
sharp jaws and the softest of words

timelessly I am in awe over
how many petals I've left scattered behind me
in my quest- for eternal moonlight
for I leave myself far too often with men whom dust me off
The Devil thought he had me
So many times he tapped me
And said, “Fall in love with this one.”
And I did.

The Devil thought he had me.
So many times love went wrong
He laughed, “He’ll just give up, this one.”
And I laughed.

The Devil thought he had me.
So many times he tried me
And cried, “No true love for this one.”
And I cried.

The Devil thought he had me.
So many times he taught me
And said, “He is stubborn, this one.”
And I learned.

The Devil thought he had me.
So many times I had him
And said, “No, not that one. This one.”
And I loved.
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Aurianna Feb 2019
You know those days when the sky is completely grey and we're afraid it's going to pour rain at any minute?
You know how we make it through the storm, but still, we have to acknowledge that the clouds will eventually be back?
You just never know when, and you'll never know how hard It'll down poor.
It speaks to me on how I, myself express my sadness.
These thoughts accumulate over time, they're there.
I can sense them,
sometimes I can forget them and they'll drift away
and the sun will shine,
the birds will sing,
the sun rays will dance across my skin
and all is at peace.
Most of the time, that's just not how it works for me.
  When I pour out I'm not just displeasing myself, I soak the people around me without warning.
I don't want to be like that.
I need to learn to love the rain.
AnxiousOcean Sep 2017
A new face
A stranger
One that can resurrect a withered flower
My eyes were stunned
It’s more like I’m dreaming
Please don’t wake me up
This feeling’s overwhelming
I think I’m in love
But I do not know exactly
Is this love at first sight?
Why does time run slowly?

I was jealous of everyone near you
You have hurt me unconsciously
I manage to come near you
And finally, I was with victory

Lots of things happened
More on pain than love
I became selfish
I just wanted to be with you
But it turned out
That the love I offer is not true
Nothing’s wrong with you
It’s about me
I thought I was in love
I thought it was love that I felt
I thought you were perfect

But I was wrong
Love’s not about perfection
It’s about accepting flaws
And every single thing
All I had was infatuation
But a deep, deep thing
Now I’ve realized things
I’m sorry for all the damage
All the troubles
And mess

Don’t worry, for you,
Promise, I will learn to love
my cousin asked me to write a poem about infatuation, sadly I don't think I've given it some justification, because for me, it's more of a story than a poem. anyways, enjoy reading! :) God bless
Hal Mar 2017
And sometimes when I'm with him I have to do a double take because the words that spill out of his mouth are the same words that fell off the tip of your tongue. Sometimes he reminds me of you and in those moments I feel as though I'm suffocating and I just wish you would release your grip on me. I'm trying to move on but I'm too afraid of making the same mistake twice. So when he opens his mouth and your  words fall off of his tongue, I'm scared of what we could become. I'm scared that he's going to be exactly like you and I refuse to put myself through that again- especially not after I've spent so much time rebuilding every wall I let you knock down. My walls are thicker now and I don't know how to let anyone in. I'm scared of loving someone again and having them turn out to be like you. And the worst part is it's not fair to him that I can't let him in.  It's not his fault I can't have a conversation about dating without feeling like I can't breathe. It's not his fault that having other people acknowledge the fact that we have a thing makes me want to end everything and run in the opposite direction. And it's not his fault that he deserves the world and I just don't think I can give it to him. It's my fault because I look at him and I see a glimpse of how i could get trapped in yet another toxic relationship.
-You ruined him for me and I hate you for that. You ruined me and I hate myself for letting you.

— The End —