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Hal Feb 2018
When you think about me and you start to fall apart,
Please remember darling, that I love you with all my heart.
When you are bawling your eyes out and are feeling sad,
Please remember darling, all the good times we had.
When an old memory pops up and you start feeling down,
Please remember darling, that I hate to see you frown.
When you start to feel angry and you’re starting to doubt the plot,
Please remember darling, that God has a plan whether we see it or not.
When the days pass by slowly and all you can feel is dread,
Please remember darling, that it is not you that is dead.
Because while I might be gone, and the sun has set for me,
Please remember darling that you have so much yet to see.
And despite what you think you never got the chance to say,
Please remember darling, that I watch over you each and everyday.
So when you’re thinking of our memories, darling I hope you smile,
Because we made the most of what we had, even if it was just a little while.
So when you think of me and start to fall apart,
Please remember darling, I love you with all of my heart.
-words I imagine he would want me to hear
Hal Feb 2018
And she’s breaking down, because she is forgetting what it feels like to remember.
And that is what truly terrifies her. That one day she’ll wake up and she won’t remember what your laugh sounds like or the safety your arms provided when she was in your embrace. One day she’ll forget your jokes or the way you always told her how happy you were to see her. One day she won’t be able to recall the advice you gave her or the teasing remarks you made about all of her “boyfriends”. She used to dread the day that would come when you would no longer pick up the phone and all your conversations would have to be one sided. But, despite all of her prayers that day has passed. And just like the last, try as she might, she cannot stop what’s coming, and it feels as if her heart is breaking all over again. She’s trying to hold on to her memories but she can feel them slowly starting to slip from her grasp one by one and she terrified of the day they’re all gone. Because if she can no longer have you, your memories are all she has left and she cannot have those ripped away too.
She is forgetting what it feels like to remember.
-her heart is shattering and her eyes are screaming for help but all you can hear is silence
Hal Jan 2018
And what you don’t understand is that asking me to write is like asking me to rip open old wounds just so my blood can soak the bandages once more.
-it’s so much easier to write about the pain than it is to write about the emptiness
Hal Jan 2018
You confuse me. Why would a woman who knows she deserves more continuously settle for less?
- wait for someone worthy of your love instead of giving pieces of yourself to every man that smiles your way
Hal Jan 2018
And while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, not even you can deny that she shines with a radiance that makes the shining stars in the night sky pale in comparison.
-everyone can see it except her
Hal Dec 2017
The problem isn’t that you aren’t good enough. No. It’s that you give your all to people that don’t give a **** about you.
- flowers can only blossom in nourishing soil, and you, my dear, have been planting them where there is none.
Hal Dec 2017
Today you looked me in the eye and told me I'd never understand. Today you said oh please you're not depressed, you're just sad. Today you said you can't help it and it's out of your control. But what I didn't tell you was honey don't I know.
Were you there when I was slowly falling apart?
Of how about the time I was crying over a broken heart?
Better yet where were you when all I could feel was numbness?
Where were you when all I had was emptiness in abundance?
You don't know a thing, yet you still came to your judgements
The difference between you and me,
And the thing you fail to see,
While you’re out here looking for attention
I choose to battle mine silently.
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