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Mia Jul 2019
This year, I met warmth and strength incarnate.
A comet speeding by me, lit up in fire and light,
An astral, luminous heroine… a star, and in more ways than one.
She is a lioness. There’s no matching her energy and kindness.

I may have fallen in love with the sun,
But that doesn’t diminish its radiance.
This honesty, this aura of unbridled joy…
That is what drew me to you.

So shine on, my dear!
Keep laughing in the face of limits and inhibitions.
Break out of this dull world, and do it all with a smile,
As that is just the way you are.
I went through five different versions of this poem before being fully satisfied. It needed to be as perfect as I could make it. The person it's dedicated to deserves that much.
Léa... J'espère qu'il te plaît. C'est ma manière de te remercier pour tout: je t'"immortalise".
ghost queen May 2019
please open the door
who do i cry for
the golden door is close
do you not want the joy, the ecstasy
the rose bush is blooming, fully flowering
let me in, just unlock the door
my quiver is full, my bow taunt, where is your heart
corpser Feb 2016
Her name was like one of those
That are made when
Two words come together.
High heels
French kiss
God, they all sound so good.
I am madly obsessed with Lea Seydoux at the moment.
Annie McLaughlin Sep 2015
Where were they
When you were crying yourself to sleep at night?
Where were they
When you were battling the demon's fight?
Now darling,
Where were they
When all was falling apart?
They all came too late
For only now
Are you in their hearts
For Lea Robertson, the girl I only had the pleasure of passing in the halls a few years ago. The girl that last posted "nobody notices until its too late" and proved exactly that. This is for Lea, the girl who ran away. This is for you, whether you're out there alone and afraid, or no longer breathing at all. Because what you said was true. They never did notice, until it was too late. #comebacklea
Lea Zamayla Aug 2014
You are as bright as a star in heaven
The sweetest fantasy that could ever happen
Each time I know you better make me realize
That you are the right for me to idolize

You always cheer me up like an angel
Whenever I feel like living in a hell
Whenever you came to my dream at night
You make me believe that tomorrow is gonna be all right

Lucky me to know you in my life
To be able to support you in many ways
Waiting for you to notice me in your life
And I will keep on praying for always

I dedicate this poem to a man
Who will always be my inspiration till the end
Written sincerely from a fan
Who always hope to be one of your friend

I know im not the girl that always go into your Concerts
Or buy a STARBUCKS Coffe
But i assure to you im your LOVER and Fan.

This poem is Dedicated to my idol Connor Mcdonough . I hope he will notice me.

— The End —