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In the quickened breeze,
My mind slips with ease
To a place of long ago,
Where little girls pranced
In a mystical dance
And stardust sprinkled like snow.

Little boys rushed to see
With what beauty and ease
Of grace that did keep them a-daze,
But none was the wiser
When the dance of Delilah
Sent their minds through a mystical maze.

To the spectators' delight
as she danced through the night
unaware of what spell she had cast,
Transfixed with a smile
They dazed all the while
As times' future had soon become past.

And hundred years of fixation
And a fine lad's dedication
To dance with his heart's delight,
Was now set at ease
As he bent to his knees
To kiss the hand of his dream goodnight.

His pulse beat slowly
And his heart felt lowly
Though this moment he knew soon had to end.
Would this dream have to cease?
Did his imagination increase
Just to allow his yearning heart to mend?

The mystery ends as it did begin
As I reflect on days then
Of a lad who danced with his love.
Like the leaves of trees
Dancing in the breeze
A silhouette in shadow to see,
The dance of Delilah and He.
They call me Jack! A Jack the Lad
a man who likes to go out late.
I must confess that I'm a cad
and often seen in Aldegate.

Whitechapel and Spittlefield
are other locations I frequent.
Tis where I often draw my yield
and nay for that I'll not lament.

Inspired by my ill repute,
repugnant chanting of my name,
I'll seek and find a *******,
commencing to secure my fame.

Reference books cannot advise
what two skilled hands can show.
Exacting cuts when I excise,
instructing where my blade doth flow.

My first, Miss Nichols, I recall,
whom blinded by the lure of coin,
into my clutches she did fall
and she, I did indeed refine.

Chapman then I did impress
with incision so demanding.
Nothing taken to excess
an ***** now made outstanding.

Stride and Eddowes in one night
but fortune demanded I should race.
Though well presented to the light,
embarrassment is my disgrace.

My final lady played the game,
Miss Kelly whom at my insistence.
She alone recoiled my fame,
my very own Piece de Resistance.
4 May 2005
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
Noandy Nov 2014
It is true that secrets play hide and seek
Like jolly lads and whimsical princesses
It is true that secrets play hide and seek
Going along with childhood unearthed
Vanishing away with a disguised fairytale
Littlers believe before their torn faith
Stories of hope and paramours twisted
Into joyous love myth and red slaughter
For the laughter was just a radical sound
Unknown to all of us in sunset earlihood
When I grow up I want to be what I did
Not know, while thinking of ghosts and
Things unexist,  jolly princesses with all the
Whimsical lads, thought only of beauty
And the sugar-dips poison of love long
Lost astray till they climb up a stair and
Claim a throne of stern jaw and  bones
Our skeleton soaring and hair dressed
We finally find the secrets that played
With us throughout the childhood like
Memories unearthed, wither and die
A painful death in their game of a foul
Revelation sewn tight without a trace
In our sunset earlihood when we used
To think that this world is composed of
Beauty and sugar-dips decomposed
Children of impurity and twisted guns
Anything but lethal when they let us live in
Mere tales of pride-degrading fables
To play
Or hide
And seek
Forever now
A sequel to Mandragona which correlates with Avengeador
Jess Jul 2014
I close my eyes
I'm paralysed
Front of these monsters
I surely can't hide
They hear me speak
They make me weak
I'm dressed in death
And my mind is a freak
With pain and tears
I feed the devils in need
Inside my ears they creep
whispering words to drown me with fear.


— The End —