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Jul 2016
The heat of you,
Bairn in my hands,
I am strung with you,
My song sings out ever
To one unbridled listener,
A lad as wild as gusty seas
And I keen on tighten strings,
Casted about thee, four winds
And am latched with old moon,
My tunes are loudy, unheard of,
Sadder than empty airs in hollow
Bars, bereft of any joy dancers.

Like you I have known love,
In gentle touches that swoon
And take flight up dizzy reels,
I hold you, like fresh newborn,
Child of melody an sleepy dove,
But still, in swells of driest fears,
Unlike you, body of live, heart
Wood, colour of striped tiger,
Regal structure, unchained,
Aged about languid truths,
My fingers unleash you,
Yet they lock, in frieze,
Captive, painting nil
Dreams of brood.
Rainey Birthwright
Written by
Rainey Birthwright  Isle of Skye
(Isle of Skye)   
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