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Trish M Feb 2020
I still remember that day
We were inseparable in many ways
Yet destiny interfered

Here we are again
I am close yet you're far away
You're hairbreadth away but I'm to stay in place

Kismet kept us apart
Yet fate recaptured what we had
And I have to make out this connection we had

Now I have a choice to make
Will I stay in place or will I join yours someday?
It's an option I'm glad to take

This is a gamble I'm ready to begin
First, are we on the same page?
Like Eros and Psyche had fared?

You thought our story already ended but it only started
The feelings I have is yours to take
This emotion, I wish, will be reciprocated someday
Trish M Feb 2020
We met many years ago

What we had was so simple & pure

But life tear us apart

Now, here we are

You're so close yet so far

Sometimes you're just inches away but for me it feels like you're miles away

Circumstances separated us

But destiny brought us back

So, what do I make of this situation?

I feel as though its now my chance

But, do you feel the same way too?

Or are we like Danté and Beatrice too?

Soon I have to make my decision

Will I let you go or will I fight for you?

Alas, its a decision I wouldn't dare to make

Our story ended long before it started

Whatever I'm feeling now will just be buried in deep recesses of my heart

This feelings, I hope, in time will fade

— The End —