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Marisa Lu Makil Mar 2015
Someone will always be Incensed.
Someone will always be angry.
And I don't care.
I do,
But I can't tell anyone that.

Then they would know.
Rassy Jan 2015
I'm tired of feeling
I'm tired of school
I'm tired of fake friends
I'm tired of my family
I'm tired of me
Last year i had been a hard ******* life and im gonna fight more for this year but im so tired..
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
You don't like me?
Wow I'm so devastated
I'm going to go die now in eternal misery and disappointment
OH wait
oh yeah! that's right!
I literally do NOT care at all!!
Isn't it funny when people think you actually give a f!ck that they don't like you? Makes me laugh
Kapil Dutta Nov 2014
"You're not perfect, but I still don't care.
Because, when I say I Love You,
I don't just 'say' I Love You,
I mean it."

KD || I Don't Care
I am posting my quotes on Instagram, follow me there for more such quotes.
Hannah Jean Aug 2014
What do you think
About the way i write?

What do you know
About the way i think?

What do you care
About the way i live.

Asking myself these things
I just think
And think
And think.
I don't know the answers.

But i realized  i don't care.
I don't need your approval.
I just need your love.
AnolikeAkau Sep 2014
You are a nice person
Everyone looks up to you
You always do your best
Or so I've been told

You're at the top of your class
You always get straight A's
You never turn in homework late
Or so I've been told

The comments sound better than they actually are
They would be surprised if they knew who you really are
Some people need to stop telling me about how perfect everyone else is. People like you need to accept me for who I am or get the **** out of my life.
Hiko zeRo-oNe Jun 2014
the Truth .. nobody knows me
absolutely .. me knows nobody
who cares to love me?
**** careless you to love me

you are far .. i am here
you are there but i'm not

absolutely we are not meant to be ! </3
"love not to be hurt"
Dark Jewel May 2014
Whats with the attitude?
Why do you subtract so?
It doesnt make sense.
No sense at all.

Due to the past,
I feel nothing.
I am not sensitive,
Only specifically.

Get used to it.
I dont love like I did.
Beyond blue eyes.
A pallid mask is hid.
I really hate it when a person, parent or friend becomes an *******.

— The End —