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Your Name Here Jun 2016
The hardest test in life is the test of ones self.
Nothing else matters.
Not one supporter or non supporter in sight.
All eyes on me.
But just one set.
One set that glares so bright.
Which melts the soul of a non believer.
If I stumble there is no recovering.
Blood sweat and tears.
Through my dark difficult years.
Means nothing.
Right now it means nothing.
If I want to make it no one cares about my past triumphs.
My steps towards acceptance
My leaps of faith away from infamy
My jumps above obscurity.
Right now it means nothing.  
Mutation of my desolation into my everything.
Constantly pushing myself to the brink.
Expanding my potential to positively think.
Keep pushing
Keep trying
Keep burning to overcome...
In the end it may mean something.......
to someone.

— The End —