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  Sep 2018 Rassy
Disa Pradwika
home is not a place
it is never a place

it is a feeling

if you’re lucky

it is a person
and you’ll be homesick for them
Rassy May 2017
Picking up the petals
I walk around garden
Full with majestic sunflowers
Each of them have different story
Some of it are my favorite
Some of it not
I need them to grow
For me to remember
Up and down memories
Rassy May 2017
For years, I keep blaming myself for not being good enough for you, wasn't pretty or even perfect and you left me. Then I realized that it's not totally my fault you left. I realized that you don't deserve my love at all.
  Feb 2017 Rassy
Mary Pear
Those hands
Speak more than does the face.
They clasp or lace,
They grip or poke
Hold firm.

They open in enquiry
Or close to form a fist
Or furl and unfurl to try and give the gist
Of some internal land.

Those hands I love
Are square and brown
With rough and bitten nails.
The finger ends are blunt,
The skin is coarse
With work.
Those hands are always warm and strong
And mine in his makes me a child again.
  Feb 2017 Rassy
Ramin Ara
Rassy Feb 2017
A love
For my mother

A star
For my love

A paper
For my poetry

A person
For my loneliness

A glue
For my broken heart
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