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Sue was reading a raunchy magazine in bed; ted was cuddling up to her and watching telly
sue: "have you ever thought about trying some role play"
Ted: " what kind?"
Sue: "not the anime kind if that's what your thinking how about we just swap clothes - I wear what you wear and I'll be ted for the whole day and you wear what I'm wearing and be sue"
Ted: "Yeah we could try that sure sounds fun"
Sue: "brilliant I will leave you one of my dresses, some make up  and we will swap clothes for the whole day.

Sure enough the next day Sue left a note before she went to work on Ted's bed with a box. It had some of her lipstick, some eye shadow also a lovely floral dress for Ted to try while she was at work. It was a perfect size 14 fit; Ted prepared his make up the way sue usually did every morning and was surprised by the very person who was staring at him in the he mirror his once chiselled masculine features were now more delicate and feminine He shaved his beard off and even went as far as shaving his legs as instructed by her. He felt more excited as the day went on his **** growing in size he smelt sue's ******* they were fresh but there was a whiff of sue still in them when he put them over his **** he started to rub his **** up and down over her ******* then put on her fish net tights and finally her high heel shoes.

He secretly had fantasies of doing this  as a teenager but he often too scared of getting caught out by his mum. He got as far as trying on her make up wearing her perfume and trying on her tights and when she asked if he had seen them he said came up with an excuse they were lost in the washing machine.

Sue came back from work wearing Ted's shirt, his boxer briefs and trousers smelling of his lynx body spray. She even went as far as buying
a beard to reenact the role play of being Ted for the day it was very convincing and she looked how he looked there in another suitcase also stood a huge plastic ***** shaped perfectly as a ****

"Ted  " you know where that is going don't you"
"Sue "Yes I can't wait"

The transformations were complete Sue now as Ted started to caress sue kissing her neck and licking her ear lobes she gave out a shriek of delight speaking more in her most feminine voice. Ted then went down on her ******* her **** she felt hard as rock she could feel his breath warm and moist in full ******* motion; in this form Ted's short arms felt they grew longer and were more sturdy started to rub her **** up and down she gave out a squeal and *** more than what she usually did.  
Finally ted soaked sue's ******* in baby oil: give it a little cheeky lick before equipping his ***** **** into sue's ****. Sue held her breath for a few seconds as he pushed it in with some good throbbing movements she gave out a huge yelp and could then feel the ecstasy of *** spilling out
"Ted - wasn't that fun know you can go back to the way you was any time"
"Sue - Yeah I did enjoy it too will definitely do it again.
Sarah woke up in a dark room with dim lit windows; the room was small and very humid. Her arms  handcuffed to the radiator showing her visible white naked body she was soaked in some kind of baby oil but she could not see him all she could hear  of him was his whispers of his voice; saying I love you.

She could feel her ear lobes gently being licked and caressed  leaving her skin tingling and body shaking in anticipation he tightly stretch his arms around her thighs kissing and caressing them; she can already feel herself getting more wet not knowing his next move. He finally traces up her black ******* with his fingers playing with her ***** and exploring into her mystical dark tunnel and finding the spot which made her legs tremble as he does this he starts to roll his tongue inside her ***** licking her **** she was trying to hold back from squealing from the delight she could  feel herself heating up and more sweaty finally he hit that spot again and her  ***** squirt.
Leiser Poetry Dec 2019
I remember the age of 6
it was the second year at school;
the teacher was scary, red face
and really threatening
I was behind with life and social
skills being the slow learner I was
not being able to communicate
fully and being shy and timid
now with the knowledge of being
diagnosed with dyspraxia and autism
but back then my teacher didn't know about
these diagnosis she just referred to me as being
dumb, slow and stupid
it was PE everyone was ready except for me
the teacher couldn't understand
why I was taking so long
struggling to put my clothes on;
everything was back to front
and I couldn’t tie my laces
instead of helping she got angry
lost her temper and showed me up in front of the class
all the kids started to laugh
I felt ashamed and humiliated
barely anyone would talk to me
as they thought I was stupid
and I started to feel alone and isolated
my parents couldn't understand
why I broke down in front
of them and that I didn't want to attend
school my parents felt she
pushing me hard to succeed
but in reality all she did was really scare me
my only friends really was soft toys
that I liked to create adventures
with and books which I loved to read
it was my escape
I love reading science text books
and absorbing scientific words
adored fiction
had a good grasp
of vocabulary
and knowledge
well above my station.

Years down the line met the teacher
I had when I was 6 she felt bad
for what she put through and apologised
and I did the nice thing and forgave her
I was surprised that she did remembered
me from all those years a go
maybe that day as traumatic
and humiliating as it might have been
was just another lesson
that in this world you
need to be tough
and keep trying
with what you have
no matter what.
Leiser Poetry Dec 2019
First of all don't fit me into a box
the typical 2 gender category
I do have a female body
that doesn't mean I always behave or
act as a female does
can't stand the typical
black and white view and stereotypes
your a woman therefore
you must clean, cook and be in the kitchen
its life skills everyone needs to learn
regardless of their gender and identity
its not the 1960s any more
everyone is equal
also the fact that I enjoy ***
and have a female body
doesn't make me a ***** *** or a ****
check your definitions
before you start accusing me of this
*** and ***** pay for pleasure
I never charged anyone
just sharing my affection and love
for people and *** is a beautiful
and spiritual act so be honoured
rather than attacking me  
also don't call me woman or lady
but by all means you can call me
***, babe, chick or if in doubt just call
me by my first name Kim
I am neutral gendered
I understand both male
and female perspectives
love people regardless
of gender as I don't
fit into any of these categories
I enjoy both male and
female activities
but I often flit
between the 2
therefore I am neutral
and will dress, behave
and act accordingly
to how I feel.
Leiser Poetry Dec 2019
The feeling of inadequacy rears its ugly head
from time to time
why is everything in my brain feel so distorted
seeing in my mind always as a male;
then my body is the opposite;
the mismatch causing me
the feeling of living a lie;
having to deny these
feelings for years
ignoring how I felt
in my teens
when my hormones
and feelings were just a bit
different in case
people called me a freak
I hated being judged
all I wanted was love
so kept everything quiet
too scared to tell any one
for years fearing
no one will ever love me any more
feeling rejected
as not many will truly
understand how I feel inside
so I repressed it so many times
which left me over the years
feeling more
hollow and empty
dysphoria is complicated;
wish it was easy
but I nothing ever is.

Over the years
I have new challenges to face
with raising a baby girl
learning to accept
I might not ever be my
authentic self but
want to teach her to
that things are not
always appear to be
and that you should
always try and help people
whenever you can
in the new year going to build my self esteem
maybe one day I learn to love myself
learn to speak out
get support where needed
when feeling down.

Dysphoria is hard to live with
at times but I'm learning
to accept and I'm moving forward
with my life.
Leiser Poetry Oct 2019
He was more demanding than ever after a few meetings with me things start to get much darker with him he announced some of the fantasies he had in mind for me. Telling me how much he really wanted to tie me up, rip off my clothes and then the final word rolled out his tongue…  I've actually always wanted to **** you baby. My blood went stone cold when he used those exact words. I didn't know what to say to that.  I grabbed a bottle of cider and drank the bottle to drown what I just heard
“Remember  baby you are my *****; and you serve me”
He kept mentioning of the pictures in some of my in box messages to remind me what will happen if I disobey him.
To him this was just an unfair game which he knew every rule to and that I will lose either way; I ended up turning to alcohol just to blot out some of the darker memories, it worked for a short while the taste of cider masked the taste and helped me sometimes to sleep or forget but the horrible memories of the day in the park came back to me like a bad penny.  The park was somewhere I went a lot while travelling in town so I couldn't escape unless I went through a completely different direction. In the end something inside me cracked open; I stopped caring about his threats as things couldn't have gone any worst  than they already have and I started confronting him about all the bad things that have happened as my way of dealing with the 7 year punishment I just endured and didn't deserve now feel more at peace with myself and getting there day by day but taking time to heal finally found my soul mate and feel more free inside also have a beautiful  daughter sign of the angels and help the right decisions in life when it comes to finding your soul mate and  dating men.
Leiser Poetry Oct 2019
The next time we met he arranged it for the park told me I must go otherwise he will show the pics;
I was a bit hesistant from the meeting before, but felt I had very little choice in the matter at the time. Ended up meeting him we walked around the park until we could find a quiet spot where he knew where we would not get bothered. He started again by taking my top off  again and ******* on my ******* I felt uncomfortable with the idea of doing anything outside in the public at first the cold wind was making my ******* *****. He slid his hands down my ***** and was playing with it quite rough and firm with his hands. Then told me to unzip his trousers and start rubbing his **** then asked me nicely
“can you **** my **** again please”
I tried to say no again
but this time he grabbed my hair and back of my head kept pushing my head forward towards his ****

“You will do it, otherwise you know what will happen”

After ******* his **** and making him *** he ordered to swallow and was getting more angry as I kept spitting it out, the gagging sensation was making me feel sick.

But just as I was about to leave as I had enough, he switched on his nicer personality and begged me to stay with him; he wanted to have **** *** with me this time but I didn't feel so comfortable with the idea. He grabbed his **** and pushed it into my ***. I felt a huge tinge of pain; I begged him to stop as it didn't feel right He kept going to the point where I started to cry from the pain; his *** was filling me up further he told me that I belong to him now and whatever he wants to do I must do as I was his servant and he was my master. He said from now on I was his ***** and kept on calling me it and If I protested with the idea of giving him what he wanted he quickly showed me the pic he had of me before and that only made me wince  even more.
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