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Dia Nov 2020
“Idk how your new boyfriend stands you”

From what you know I would hate a long distance relationship

From what you know I’m still “toxic as ****”

From what you know “I haven’t changed at all”

But you never new me at all

If that was true why would I be in the most loving relationship I’ve experienced?

If it was true why was I the one blessed by a new loving relationship?

If you knew me at all, you would be happy that I’m happy.

I broke up with him for having an obsession with my sister. Illegally taking pictures of her at my family Christmas..

You never knew me at all
Dia Sep 2020
depressed, drunk and disgusting
you inserted yourself to my life with no judgement

you saw the broken pieces that he left me

blessed by you placed into my life. You took out the knife.

I’m worthy of the love you give me. As you are the love I give you. I miss you.
Dia Sep 2020
Anti- anti- social I cry,
Don’t even try,
Scream my nights by
Dia Jun 2020
Bring me down never feels like you want me around.
Remember when i would kiss your head?
On my own again. You were always my best friend.
Keep me where you want me. I hold no value.
Every day relive the pain.
Never will be the same again.
Dia Mar 2018
Its been four years, night terror, more details, night terror, depression, night terror, it feels all my fault, night terror, no one will believe you, night terror,  incident  anniversary, night terror, more details revealed, night terror, you deserved it, night terror, I will never heal, night terror, loose a friend, night terror,  paralysis, night terror, no one believes me, night terror, self sabotage, night terror, harm, night terror repeat..
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