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I consumed your aura
A specter invading my psyche
So that pieces of you
Bled into the viscera
Becoming a part of my DNA
Unable to die
Your words rush forward
A tangled web of bitter wounds
attempting to ensnare me with pity

A precisely calculated labyrinth
Willing me to make my move

“It’s All or Nothing” you command
Imploring me with red-rimmed eyes
lips trembling in fear

You know I’ve no interest in games
but challenge me and I’ll surely win

I’ve warned you countless times
I won’t surrender my autonomy
So you should know my next play
Know your rancor will never triumph

But in desperation you contrive
to guilt me into your ideal
A hopelessly devoted queen
atop a pretty pedestal

But I don’t need to be needed

So I will play my final hand
My answer to your pitiful command
is, “Nothing”
Why is contentment
Such an illusory state
Slinking out of reach?
My mind plays tricks on me
As I revel in my fantasies of him

I analyze his every word
Scrutinize each enchanting smile

A fascination turned obsession
How do I make him need me?

I agonize and strategize
Trying to breach his impenetrable walls

But he will never want me
He will never know
The way I ache for him
A taste of his lips
May satisfy my desire
Curb tonight's longing

But would just a taste
Satisfy my burning want?
Or would the need grow?

I yearn for his touch
I ache for him in silence
He will never know
I don't want to be
a doll on your pedestal
unable to crack
Your strong agile hand
slides up my neck
I feel each skillful finger
clasp around my throat

“You’re mine”
I hear the whisper in my ear
Your lips graze my collarbone
Teeth on my neck

Heating the currents of my bloodstream
Sending storms pumping through my veins

My knees begin to buckle
I am weak under your control
I lose command of myself
My body surrenders to your will

The magnetism of your seduction
a tidal force that draws me in

Setting my body aflame
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