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Robby Nov 2019
Am I a bad guy if I break the rules
I don’t like being told what not to do
Let me learn … let me experience

Your laws are meaningless to me
I will find the loopholes
I will exploit the flaws in your logic

I can’t make myself not
It’s my compulsion
My need to wear the black hat

I will sneak in and see your secrets
Your protections can’t stop me
I will root you if I desire
Writing is my therapy but nerdy computer stuff pays my bills. This is my effort to put the two together.
Emily Feb 2019
Why do hackers think so highly of boot camp?
Who pays through the nose to send footwear abroad?
Why use boots and not sneakers nor sandals?

Stick with the proven approach,
Used over thousands of years,
Billions of satisfied users,
Faster and cheaper to boot.

Throat lozenges—guaranteed to improve hacking.
Gusto ko ring
maranasang makulong
para naman
kahit kaunti
ang buhay kong

Pero gusto kong
nang walang

At a loob ng kulungan
ay pabahuan
ng hininga,
at singit;
ng libag sa leeg,
tinga sa gilagid,
kalyo sa labi,
at tartar sa ngipin.

Doon na rin
ang aking
best actor
sa pagkukunwaring
makadiyos ako
sa pagdadala ko
ng banal na libro
sa lahat ng oras,
upang parolya
ay aking matamo
at kinabukasan
ay laya na ako.

ay kaydaling
ay kaydaling
buong kuwento
ng aking tula
ay uulit-ulitin.
09 July 2016

Rap | Spoken Poetry | Literactivism

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
The Trumpoet Feb 2017
So they hacked some computers.
"No big deal" you may say,
"Since their influence steered things
toward the right way"

"They just didn't respect us,
that's why the attack.
So I place all the blame
on the Dems and Barack"

"So we'll get nice and cozy,
Vladimir and me,
since there is just so much
upon which we agree"

"We want to be strongmen
who'll shape history
and we're both such examples
of virility"

"And we'll handle the media
through fear and attack
to ensure truth and balance
shall never come back"

"Admiration and power
is what we adore,
it's the one greatest cause
that we truly live for"

So, Mr. Trump...

When you're there in the Oval
and Europe's alarmed
'cause in Prague and in Warsaw.
the Russians, well armed,

have crossed o'er the borders
and come to reclaim
their former domininons,
then who will you blame?

So why this great bromance?
What's your motivation?
Why would you align
with Vlad and his nation?

Could it be business ties?
Or maybe high debt?
Or maybe dark secrets
you wish they'd forget?

I do not want to think
that it could be such things
but the Russians sure look
like they're pulling your strings.
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written January 15, 2017
Kapil Dutta Jan 2015
It is when we hit the teen end, does the world follow the third law.
We get trapped in the beauty of fear, fear of falling behind.
We need a guarantee. A certificate will do that.
Lately, life fits into earning and burning of hard money.
What does the future hold? The great worry.
It's all about numbers, and they say 'us' can not be quantified.
What is this all about? Sit back and think.
Here life options serve as counting thin lines.
Where does the truth hold?
Wait for a novel to delta your philosophy or is your will a build of simplicity.
Chaos holds fear yet a win, but Simplicity my friend is the truth searched by the one hiding within.

Life Hacking is a way of living. Those who follow it might find themselves happy and at peace.
Its all about being in control.
You can be your own teacher, your own university.
Learn, not to earn but to understand.
And create, and innovate, and be different.
Have the courage to believe that you can change the world, because if not people like you, the modern society would not have existed.
You are the fuel to the engine that runs the world.
Don't waste it in being regular, Be Different.
Because, People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.
Hack your Life, Be the Change.
Explanation :
"It is when we hit the teen end, does the world follow the third law." :
The third law here is the third law of motion by Newton. It says,"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction". When we hit the teen years, our rebellious actions start giving a reaction with an equal force. We are pushed to start taking responsibilities and think about our future in depth.
"We get trapped in the beauty of fear, fear of falling behind." : As we start entering the real world, we start developing a fear. What if nothing works out? What if you fail to get a good job and live a stable life? Even the idea of it is scary. What if you fall behind everyone else in the race called Life?
"We need a guarantee. A certificate will do that." : Because we are so scared, we look for a guarantee that will ensure us a secure future. Thus, we work hard to get a University Education and score well in our exams so that we can get that certificate that can get us a good job.
"Lately, life fits into earning and burning of hard money." : In recent times, the meaning of life fits into earning and spending money. We now live a robotic life. Like machines, with no passion.
"What does the future hold? The great worry." : We constantly worry about what our future holds. To such extent that we forget to live our present.
"It's all about numbers, and they say 'us' can not be quantified. " :
Our life is all about numbers. When you are a student, its the marks that you score in your exams and when you are an adult, its the amount of money you earn from your work. Other times, its about your Blood Pressure or your cholesterol levels. Our life's are governed by numbers, even though most people say that you can not quantify the various aspects of us humans, like our emotions.
"Here life options serve as counting thin lines." : Imagine a series of very thin lines, now imagine counting them. It's not easy. Just like the  numerous life options that you are given as a young adult to choose from.
"Wait for a novel to delta your philosophy or is your will a build of simplicity." : We are all stuck in this illusion created by us. Some of us escape it, after being struck by realizations that come as a result of reading some adventure novels. We read and watch people who live their lives to the fullest, and we envy them. We want to be them. "Someday..", we tell ourselves.
Do you want to wait for a novel or story of some one else to change the way you live your life right now? Or do you have the will to take the step forward on your own?
"Chaos holds fear yet a win, but Simplicity my friend is the truth searched by the one hiding within." : The system built by us is chaotic. We work tirelessly and compete with everyone else, to gain a superiority and achieve some success. Its chaotic, its appealing and it works. To some extent. But still we are not happy people.
Why? That is because, it is simplicity that we are looking for from inside.

The next few lines serve as a guild to help you hack your life, to find simplicity and peace. To have the courage to make decisions that don't look profitable at first, but always end in absolute satisfaction when you are on your death bed reflecting on your whole life.

Thank you for reading.
Pug Rollins Oct 2014
We're sorry for that brief interruption
Someone hacked our station for a minute
We're now using some simple deduction
To try to find out the perfect culprit.

You hear static?

Hello news viewers, audio is clear?
Good, it is, time to let the show start
We've seen their boring little white lies here
Right in between commercials for Walmart

Stay tuned for more!
Originally a poem called "aloha from Pompeii." Also originally a Shakespearian sonnet, but again, changed.

— The End —