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Renn Powell Mar 20
my past lies behind me
like the hairs that are tangled
into a bun resting on the back of my neck
like the world that dangles in my rear view mirror of my vintage
car with the torn seats
it comes to me daily
in everything i do
its there
it always will be there
but my future reminds me as its gushing through my windshield onto my face
its making my long brunette waves shimmer
and my olive skin glow
that something brighter is ahead
TSK May 2015
It does not matter
Whether the emotion
Is laughter or tears
Love or terror:
It will always
Bubble forth
Gushing out
From these hearts
Fragile and true
All because
We are human.
Rockie Dec 2014
If I killed you
Would you prefer
A knife
Or gun?

It wouldn't matter
They'd both produce
Gushing blood
Red blood
The dark liquid that is inside you

You'd bleed
Cry tears
From the wound
That I made
I'd probably look back
And cry for you

But that's just my job
To ****
And to make others bleed

— The End —