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DG 1d
Don’t speak too confidently
They’ll think you’re selfish
Don’t speak too affectionately
They’ll think you’re in love
And God forbid that you be in love
You might as well wear a scarlet A
Don’t be special
Don’t be the same
Don’t you dare cry someone’s name
In this volatile place
DG 2d
Whenever I cry it isn’t obvious.
I’m not loud and I don’t get ****
I just sit quietly, breathing, my eyes slowly dripping, as I’m thinking
About the things and the people that got me to this point
But most of all, myself.
DG 2d
Though my eyes are green
They cannot see the finer things
Words always rip my heart at its seams
My own, or said by other beings
If you give me love, I’ll give you wings
I’ll worship you with much extremes
And if you leave me, by all means
These green eyes will weep burning streams
This is about all of my exes, friends no longer with me, and people I’ve had eyes for
DG 7d
The messed up part about it all is,
I still find comfort in your lies
Even though I know the truth.
DG Feb 11
It smells just like her
It smells just like the woman who taught my mother to raise me
The woman who comforted me when it stormed
The woman who taught me to appreciate my German heritage
I miss her . . .
Gucci bloom smells just like my great-grandmother guys it’s freaky
DG Feb 7
At the end of the road
Who will be there?
At the end of the line
Who will still care?
If it’s not like the end of the rainbow
Who will still love me all the same?
In even my darkest hours
Who will be there to comfort me
and guide me through it all?
DG Feb 6
I hate that
Even after all you’ve said
I still crave to hold your hand
Hold it tight
As if I let go, all of the happiness in the world would escape  
Not a word needed.
You don’t have to kiss me.
Don’t have to love me. . .
I just want to hold your hand . . .
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