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DG Oct 2019
The very day I swore I’d never talk to you again was the very day I saw you again
Your stupid denim jacket
Aren’t you cold?
We hugged under the bleachers like we were dying
Please don’t stop at just a hug
You didn’t sit by me
You sat three people away from me
Why would you hurt me in this way
In 40 degree weather
You knew I was there because you kept glancing
And glancing
And then you let me know you were going to the concession stand
So I followed
But did not talk to you
So is his how it’s going to be?
Like the sun and the moon?
You make me want to die
And then spend the rest of my life with you
Peanut M&Ms
The scent of leather jackets
Plastic pink beads
Arguments after the football game
Quiet walks with old men
Red hondas
Pumpkin ice cream
Staying out past curfew
Getting kicked out of Walmart
  Please don’t hurt me this time
  Because you know I’ll give you more chances
DG Sep 2019
Shells were creatures used to live
Flat, flacky rocks cover the shore
The water is so clear
Yet so deep that it reminds me of my soulmates mind, whoever that may be
Fish flop
And I accidentally throw my fathers pole
(don’t ask)
Having no other choice, I run out to get it
I run until the water is up to my knees
Two fish, smaller than my hand
I thought I had saw them in a dream
As the lake took my knees
I was at piece
Sulfur and sorrow
From all those who had been in that water before
I came to terms with the water
For I had sorrows too
DG Sep 2019
Everywhere I go
Everyone I meet
Has something to do with you
Though we’ve strayed apart
You’ve stayed right here in my heart
I can’t make new friends
I can’t go to a football game
Without somehow
Speaking about you
When I cry in the bathroom
You’re what comes to mind
So many beautiful memories
That I can’t bring myself to leave behind
I haven’t seen you since April
Stupid, stupid April
But every time I dream
I dream of your soul that gleams
And I think about how God sewed our souls together and how it was as powerful as lightning beams
DG May 2019
I’d cut my tongue out before I took back a single thing I said to you, I’m sorry that the words I gifted to you though letters and late night phone calls were never enough to get through to you, I wish you knew how much I love you because I can see the future and you’re the main character; you’re what’s on the other side of the vast field of confusion,I could live my life without you but I would only be living 90% of a life, not a soulmate but a destination, you’re the last stop on my journey of self discovery
DG May 2019
I’ve been through hell and then found you
And I’ll go through hell again to be with you
No matter what gets in our way
Your spirit puts the flames to shame
I miss our late night talks. Our long hugs in the hallways. The way you would grab my hands when I wasn’t okay. The way I’d comfort you when you weren’t okay. I’m still waiting for you. This summer. I want us to be okay.
DG Apr 2019
Why did you have to stab me in the heart?
You know I have hemophilia!
DG Mar 2019
I wrote a poem against gun violence because students should not have to go to school aching in fear of not making it home alive.

I wrote a poem against gun violence because so many people are going to take their own lives today.

I wrote a poem against gun violence because it targets women, minorities, to the point where they cannot be outside of their homes in the evenings.

I wrote a poem against gun violence because too many veterans are at risk of dying by their own hands

I wrote a poem against gun violence because mental health is SERIOUS

I wrote a poem against gun violence because I am an aunt of two and I want my nephews to live full, happy lives

I want to ask my legislators what they’re going to do when they come for their
Their spouses
Nieces, and nephews

Call me a snowflake, if you will
If that’s what standing for what’s right makes me, then I’m proud of it
I’m the snowflake that wants you all to stay alive
That stands for what’s right when they don’t have the guts to
And sweetheart, this snowflake doesn’t melt
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