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Austin Ryskamp Sep 2019
Only when I’ve forgotten where I’ve gone I know how to get to where I’m going
The past lit by mistakes and sorrows
But the morning speaks of new tomorrows
Coated In a dew of a new beginning
Clean cold wind, filling my every waking breath
While walking in the clear sky’s morning
No warning or alert toward harm or death
Or threat of loosing it all again
A single kiss on my smiling cheek is the only thing of worth
In this rebirth of the happy mans story
This is the beauty of the other side of pain!
abigail j s Feb 2019
and i must strive
to remind myself
of Your love
(patient and overwhelming
and profound)
every morning
so i do not lose sight
of the vibrance
of living.
written August 13, 2018.

— The End —