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What kills a curse
If not a curse.

If not the curse of prayer
If not the curse of death
If not the curse of a confession
If not the curse of a new birth
what else will it be?

The truth can **** a curse.
Start from telling it.
The time to wail has always been here
Every day we suffer the consequences owned by the heirs
Not for once have they worn our shoes
They have refused to please our clues
Yet they devise new means of sitting on the throne
Without giving in to our daily moan.

Meetings upon meetings
Agbada upon dansiki
Designer upon latest trends
Convoy upon macho guards
Yet they proclaim it’s all vanity.

In the end of the fashion rally at the house,
Worthless Nothing of importance is established
But the cake is diminished
And then they blame it on poor rats.   Hypocrites!

Blame them and no one else!
Because it’s their selfish interest they fight for and not us.
From the doom by boko haram
To the slaughter by herdsmen.

Don’t we see it!
The people get to die
But they live to see their greatest grandchildren
While their billion dollar ready made coffins rot in the backyard.

God is the ultimate judge
Only God can make the evil one right in his sight.
Obey the nations call

How do we serve our leaders right
When They stand for the worst
Then we say
“If I be in power I will work but I’ll steal a little”
Shame shame shame

How do we Help our youth the truth to know
When our friends are on their laptops defrauding
Shame shame shame

In love and honesty to grow
When only killings and kidnapping we sow
Shame shame shame

How do we live in just and truth
When We fight for equality
But the spirit of rivalry
Has overshadowed the objective

Great lofty height attain
But Religion is like scales in our eyes
“It is well. it is well”
Faith without work is dead

Double standards is the life we live
Shame shame Shame
Hopefully peace and justice shall reign.

Awake O hypocrites
With fluctuating morals
Shaky beliefs
Awake O hypocrites
And fight for the Noble cause
There was a man in black,
He confessed his love but she was cajoled by his wealth and so she fell for his charm

There was a girl in black
She confessed her love but he was ignorant of her trickery and he fell carelessly for an impostor

There sat mother earth.
She turned a blind eye to the mishaps and called it extraordinaire
Light the candle of love,
And love the light you have lit

Give attention to the fire
Let it shine, don’t let it tire

Don’t give way to the wax
Its pride lasts longer than the candlelights'

Don’t give way to death
For then, will be the beginning of revenge

Light the candle of love
Love the light while it shines
Love is never-ending they say, but if you let the candle die....
God chose you
Not a “mere man”
He did not imagine being abandoned
Although he envisioned it
But he called you back

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
He whispered into your ears the truth
Hoping you’d “hearken”
But you refuse

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
His kingdom isn’t for them
He placed a crown on your head
But you refuse coronation

God chose you
Not a “mere man”
Gods love
Your touch is invisible
I see it clearly
I feel it deeply

You light up my life
With a whisper in my dark mind.
I experience glory

You are not a man
But a friend to many.
It’s undeserving

You love me
Am I worth it?
Gods love is still the greatest. Relentless love
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