You are unfair
Unfair to your words
Unfair to my heart
Unfair to your eyes
Unfair to my mouth
Unfair to your promises
Unfair to my beliefs
Unfair to your lies
Unfair to my truth
Unfair to your lustful self
Unfair to my righteous self
Unfair to your hypocrisy
Unfair to my vulnerability
You are unfair for ******* after me
I am unfair to myself for loving you!!!
Do you ever love so hard, that you realize it isn’t worth it?
ye of little skin
Frail at heart
Naive in the head
Indeed great pride has been stolen
From you
in the ***** of family

Father, mother
Uncle aunt
Brother sister
Drenched in guilt,
Made you a victim of the avoidable

It’s my story
Defiled to my sanity
My childhood with no happy story’s
My confidence has lost belief in my abilities
Once was I frail at heart
Now I have no heart
Forever I am scarred
Is it your mood,
The one you swing on that reminds you of me
If so,
Act like I’m the air you swing through;
Invisible and intangible.
Swing on and on and on!
Ignore my aura.

I can’t be your stimulant
I can’t be your regulator any longer
So swing on and on and on!
Swing away!
Take my hands and thou won’t stumble
Look into my eyes and thou won’t fumble

Trust your heart to trust me
Trust your head to choose me

When by my side your best is to come
When in my arms I’m less of a ****

For I fall for you
And you fall carelessly for me
You won’t admit it’s true
For your heart I see

Let us dance under the moonlight
Till the shine of sunlight
Let us be together
Till the end of forever
She delivered her speech
It made her look flawless
Without a screech she became dauntless
Worshipped by each
Insecurity became meaningless
But one thing made her heart melt
One thing called Love
Boys cry
But men think they shouldn’t
Girls cry
But women sob

Boys play
But men joke
Girls play
But women are serious

Boys are real
Among themselves
But men pretend
Girls pretend
Among themselves
But women fake it

Boys form
But men aspire to become
Girls wanna be
But women aspire to be better

Boys like
Men fall in love
But men play with your feelings
Girls crush
Women love
But women love too hard

Boys love competition
But Men love power
Girls love Friendship
But Women love Class

Boys hate chores
But men can now cook
Girls love chores
But Women now do more than chores

Boys dream,
But men achieve
When boys lie, girls believe
But women are those that make the men
Women they make the will to bend

Boys are young can do no wrong
Men are calculated, they know what’s wrong
Girls are young they make heads turn
Women are smart could make kingdoms burn
‪Oh Eve!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Oh Eve!
Thou embraced gluttony
And gave us agony

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You Rest In Peace
While red, we release

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Thou touched the tree
Now we are only 26 days free

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
I detest your creation
Whenever I see *******

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
Pray heavens gates are closed
If I behold you, I won’t be composed

Oh Eve!
Oh Eve!
You let women Down
But you bestowed unto us a crown
******* is the pain that yields glory. In that moment we feel regret, especially when we know the biblical story. Thankfully we are bestowed with honor even as we *******. It’s all good and bad feelings at once

— The End —