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PJ Poesy Feb 2016
I don't know who I am again
lost myself around apex
of that last orbit

Flung tumultuously around
and around

Shooting stars
unlike guided missiles
haven't a trajecting
idea where they're going

Some land on something
Others fizz out

This blip, having known that
Big Bangster Gangster
which projected each ion
on some other
had no bigger picture in mind
and is likely still
making it up
as we go along

So, I tip my hat to Milky Way
and pray for fusion
upon something
freely radicalized
Space relativity, balance of cosmos, I think we're deeply part of it. As we explore and learn, new questions apply. One answer may not work for another.
Epic Monkey Feb 2016
We are not just similar
We are parallel !
In this cruel world of all kinds of vectors
It's either an invariable distance
Or a fully superposed confusion
No single intersection
And we lie there
stubborn and hopeless
Craving a translation

We are not just similar
We are parallel !
Our limits confined to a single plane
As life flows in all directions
We miss the marvels around us
In every remaining dimension
And we lie there
Blind and shameless
Craving a translation

Louder words
Barely heard
Answers clouded by blur of ignorance
Questions falsely trigger negative emotion
Chaos in misplaced transference
As mazes form from conversation
And we lie there
Deaf and clueless
Craving a translation

Not even a cascade of tears
Can bend us to converge
Tried turning the other cheek
We failed again to merge
Until one day, we exhaust our energy
Shields get broken, armor gets heavy
Only our inner demons left unstained
But they decided to flee our weak body
So we **** the pride with a suffocating hug
Bend the frown with a devastating kiss
Poison the anger by our cleansing drug
We let go of our ego, off to our bliss
And we lie there
Victorious and united
Achieving a translation

Then days go by as we oscillate
to the finish line in this dance of fate
We survive, it seems
We relive on the extremes
Aligned in happiness
or divergent in depression
In mystical perfection
or in catatonic emptiness
Stubborn and stiff
Blind and deaf
Clueless, shameless, hopeless
Craving irreversible translation

But we are not just similar
We are parallel !

~Epic Monkey
It's the theory of curiosity  and discovery, that has me so open and feeling judgement free. Time has lost It's meaning and so have I, so many lovers intertwined but Not I, not you, not us .
High I go, double meanings, to paint my sky, paint my ceiling. As the moon showers me with her light I can feel her, feel her breathing, calling, through the air, as I feel everything and yet I care for nothing. Maybe that's why I'm so cold...It seems to me your still lingering like every kiss ever planted. It aches and if only you knew that even if it happened, they might still be suddenly forgotten. The memories of the Rickety old house and the sounds it made before falling asleep can solve this problem ,her memories form to art She's on it. Your ideas surrounded by nature and how it became a blaze. The fire you feel when your lips taste that special someone and how the fire spreads the more you get to know them. Oh how I've dreamt of that someone, as that someone lays in bed drifting away. she wanders the world, her wonderland, her wanderlust, but I rest in her cuts, her problems, her black water ocean.
Just always remember the night when we walked into the moon's light. In which it shone so bright you can see one's soul and how it was sewed. Continuing my travels, walking barefoot and the blades of grass so sharp it cuts my sole. It's strange I did not give into the pain because there was much more to gain, more knowledge of her in this extra terrain.  I ache and have  bled so much from the shattered hopes and dreams I've stepped on,yet I continue round and round ignoring this dull pain because I'm strong, you are minutes, hours, weeks, months, years,  ahead of me. Time has no love for me but my true symmetry is energy. gasp! I am stuck in her mind I look up at the sky, the moon has disappeared but then this light shines, I wake up, she was laying right by my side, was she the moon the whole time?
(Check out Jude's poetry without her this could not be possible )
Yasha Harkness Apr 2015
Tipping sideways
Deja vu strikes
You've been here before
Never this much pain
Metal and flesh
Birthed apart
Grown together
Merge line carries pain
The lightning bolt strikes
You've been here before
Familiar pain
Rippling out from the spine
The one they broke
To remove our broken heart.
i dream of a world where i wasn't fully human
Sarah Emad Mar 2015
I lose my sense of self, when our shadows melt in the incandescent heat and merge.
When we become one and one becomes us,
My ecstasy welcomes you with open arms.

and release.
Daisy Fields Dec 2014
everything is anything.
morphing, moving, & merging together.
falling deep into flow.
deep into know.
breathing & bleeding energies & essences,
from every spectrum of the rainbow.
discovering & diving into new, unexplainable realms of creation.
so much to think about.
so much to feel for.
it's easy to get swept up in the magic.
The space between us is charged with love's demands.
We build bridges
That exist within.
When the time is right
We will cross to the centre
And collide.

Fission or Fusion?

We must touch, we mustn't touch.
I can touch you, touch you
In a place that isn't here;
Just because we do not come together
Doesn't mean this isn't also
Tangible, physical, and real.

Physical. Ethereal

The body is the mind
Flesh and thoughts entwined.
You are in my very self, I hide you there
At the centre
The very vulnerable centre
Of everything I am.
the choir grows with the barks of dogs,
the rumble of cars, the fusion of bogs
Inspired by the happy night sounds outside my window as I write every night.
K Balachandran Aug 2014
Ying and it's yang
felt inside a surge
to sing their song;
being witness to this
immortal  moment,
we stood up and said
'The accompaniments
please let's contribute'
space, sea waves, clouds
earth, fire and sky---
all at once felt the need
as much as us. Aum
The orchestra
sounded so divine
the voices did merge
like milk and honey
a symphony
like a river seeking ocean
emerged, everyone
was aghast,"Where
are the audience
for such a jazz?"
And when the moment
of delight unfolded
it voicelessly chanted:
"The singer and the song
are one, bliss eternal"
a journey of self discovery
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