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Lead K Feb 2021
i am drowning in your many waters
sea and sky reversed
like an inside-out TV
looking up into the depths of your you-ness
i want to be deeper
i want to go deeper
i want to know deeper
i want to we deeper
i want to wear your body like a self
and look at me
which is you
the mirror is the door
you wrote this, and i am reading it.
Poetic T Nov 2018
The only time I went down
on a knee was to look up
                   and say baby be mine.
She said I do..

None of us should
           bend a knee
to another unless
that is the one.

All others can have
there inferiority complex!
Keep in the shelf marked
                I don't give two *****..

Never expect to lower than
        Stand tall,
        and see yourself at equal length.
Doesn't matter who you are,
   no other is better than you
                        or you than another.

The only time I went down
on a knee was to look up
                   and say baby be mine.
She said I do..

But ill never grovel
                   before another,
My knee was one time thing.
I'm no better than you,
    We'll all stand tall next to each other
the potential that people
see in me
is the potential
I’ll never be,
like golden rotten teeth,
society setting the bar
with dominating voices
for higher purposes
and the television
had me
chasing city dreams
on the outside,
they want me to be
all skyscrapers,
and charismatic
but on the inside,
I feel like a conflagration
of condemned buildings
collapsing to the streets
they given me
the grass
and they given me
the graves
but none of it matters
because it’s what
I decide to plant
in the ground

the people I once adored
are the people I no longer
want to be surrounded
by anymore

half the world is trying
to sell you ****
you don’t need
and the other half
is just disinterested,
yet, they feel compelled
to preach about their
new found discoveries
with the best intentions
like blue herons
swimming upstream,
again the current  

I refuse to acknowledge
the aggregation of judgment
from the principals of
prosperity, honesty and integrity
and be measured by levels of
excellence and quality
as I lower my expectations
with beer cans that
lounge like lizards
aloft my bulbous beer-belly
like buoys in the ocean,
encrusted with a layer
of mustard stained
tattered torn t-shirts,
dust on my boots,
mud on my jeans,
hair messy and knotted
absentminded to the
disease ridden impurities
and set forth into the night
with delicacy
to look up at the stars
shining so bright
and enjoy myself
because when you have
no home to live in or
roof over your head
it’s kind of hard,
not to

we are all animals,
dull creatures in the
kingdom of fire,
preoccupied with perfection
and dizzy with the
unnecessary difficulties
that standardized civilization
has bestowed upon us

humanity is the worst thing
to happen to humanity
Poetic T Oct 2017
offerings dropped
harvest falls in bleak shadows

feeding winters hunger
HappyHappyHappy May 2017
I read in a book

It said

"Always lower yourself."

"Give up the good for others."

"Lower yourself."

*I think I may have lowered myself too much.
okay so nobody likes my poems. c mon i just had a great comeback!!! anyone!! fine :(
I feel his hands on my shoulders,
When I sink lower into the bath tub,
I feel his hands on my back,
When I sink lower under my covers at night,
I feel his hands on my neck,
When the pills sink lower down my throat,
I feel his hands on my waist,
When my finger sinks lower into my mouth,
I feel his hands on my ankles,
When I'm sinking lower into depression,
I feel his hands on the back of my head,
When I sink lower into the noose,
I feel his hands all over my body,
When I sink six feet lower into my grave.
I can feel death breathing down my neck, but I can also feel your breath as you kiss me. And no matter how much death wants me, I will never leave you.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
He wasn’t a boy,
He was forty years old
But they called him boy;
A habit born of old
Bigotries and behaviors
Difficult to defend
But that doesn’t mean
They came to an end

The shoeshine boy
Mostly shined the shoes
And if anyone listened, he had
Good advice they could use.
But most read their papers
On the busy city street
And paid no attention
To the wisdom by their feet.

The people read the news
And ******* about things
And gave their confusion
Talkative wings.
One day a guy asked
Why do people do
The horrendously crazy
Things they seem to do?

The shoeshine boy looked up
And gave the man a smile
And said a pithy sentence
After a decent while.
He said it often,
Sometimes audibly,
“Most people die
Of plain stupidity.”

The fellow thought this wise
And shared it with his friends
And that’s how a catchphrase
Or idea ultimately begins.
It’s something that is simple
But makes a lot of sense
For those looking for answers
If they are not too dense.

Sometimes it’s the only answer
That seems to apply at all
When madness is afoot
And morality seems to fall;
When people waste money
On toys instead of their kids.
That is often how they take
A ride down to the skids.

If only they heeded the things
The shoeshine boy said,
They might have grown wiser
Fewer rocks inside their heads.
But instead they sided with
Maddening mediocrity
Never realizing most folks
Die of plain stupidity.

— The End —