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Bhill Aug 30
I watched from the background
The very existence of such a powerful being was overwhelming
What was your secret
What did you process that others did not
What happened to allow your evolution
Those enormous accomplishments stunned the heavens
Created a space so improved, perfected and large
Wow is all I got left...

Wait, where are we
Have we reached our destination or are we at the fringe

Brian Hill - 2019 # 222
I've been watching too many space shows...
Äŧül Apr 2016
Oh, the colour and shape,
I observed this morning,
Oh, the eyes I prize the most.

Just having been woken up,
Hue of almond colour,
Just shaped like almond.

And the eyes belong to myself only.
My HP Poem #1056
©Atul Kaushal
Worldeater Oct 2014
The narrative begins at a point in time,
Somewhere adrift at open seas  
Where polymorphic abstractions surfaced
The blends of life,
Dancing and prancing along these envisioned

Splash of color there
Dash of color here
A streak
A twirl
A visage of refraction on the fringe
Of her hair: A path  

In ambiance we once strolled
This path to elliptical essences
Green, green, green, red,  
Hypnotized in fervor, but alone I lapsed  
In seconds,
In minutes
Into pages of scores  

She, my lore to
Dimensional shifts of dreams and open doors
That I once wished to stroll through
Along with her

But now I smoke in absence of her exhale
Her spliff to my lungs: distant and regretful.  

The Swing Set to me is what The Thinking Chair is to Steve.
Johann Botha Jul 2014
i imagine i watch you,
walking barefoot
through the afternoon

your hem dances,
sings the rhythm of your feet,
you smile
at wonder that rushes you with small hands

you drink it in to give yourself

there is a gull-down sadness folded in your beauty

a blue tenderness in the lilt of your wrists

a lock of hair to lift from your cheek

and those brown eyes

— The End —