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  Apr 27 Kieran Messer
Emily Wang
Those old friends and faces
Eyes, tears, and places
Figures I have never forgotten
Forever laughing in forgotten spaces

Those friends and enemies
Are etched in my memory
They're who I am
They're part of my history

I wish I could forget those faces.

But those ex-familiars leave a mark
In my mind like a scar
How dare I try and forget them?
How dare I try to forget my heart?
Kieran Messer Apr 27
Time shifts.

Yet I stay still,
As I ever seek to fly.

I hope not for a thunderstorm.
Kieran Messer Apr 27
Such a feeling felt
When greeted --
Reacquainted --
With the familiar
Human spirit
I so long missed.

A pool of water surrounds me.

How did I get so cold?
Kieran Messer Apr 25
As Britain slumbers,
Other nations rise,
Just to fall again.

I guess it's an ordinary night.
Kieran Messer Apr 23
Her hair is dyed green,
But my mind doesn't say
Kieran Messer Apr 21
The merciless echo chamber.
Type in your name and email,
And they’ll make a name of you.

Comments like bullets through your brain.
You aren’t winning a debate with reason?
Be a little noisier.

Stand down from what you stand up for,
Become force-fed with disinformation,
Until you, yourself, are in wholly robot form.
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