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Pat Adamek Apr 20
Smoking like a dragon
Game of Thrones on TV
I don't mean to be dramatic
But I knew I was addicted from the first time you had me
Backflip on the mattress
Cracking up a cellphone screen
Back then I knew you were attractive I just didnt understand conflicts of personality
Tell me why you're laughing
Tell me why we over think
I don't think you have the answers
The two of us are dancers but only when we drink

You don't want to know what I'm thinking

You didn't hear this from me

You don't wanna know what I'm thinking

But if I speak up

You didn't hear this from me
Reminiscing over potential, someone who could've loved
Pat Adamek Nov 2018
It was a random like
You didn’t even think twice
That empty heart turned red
And it went straight to my head

It was a random like
I didn’t even think twice
Just typed it out and pressed send
To start the whole thing again

It was a random like
You didn’t even think twice
That left hand heart broke mine
With a random like
How thoughtlessly we click “like” on one hand, and how much we read into “likes” on the other.
Pat Adamek Nov 2018
Death is not one moment in your life
Life is one moment in time
Death is all the time that follows
Life flows and ebbs you chew and swallow
Death is happening to you you hollow empty crime
Life does not happen you little light
I applied for health care in the US today and it made me think about how life is a preexisiting condition
Pat Adamek Sep 2018
Drinking again
You must be drinking again
You scream into your end of the cell phone
You’re going to die alone
I know
It’s exactly as I planned
I’m drunk and
I just finished my last cigarette
It’s time for bed
Drinking again
I’m ******* drinking again
You scream into your end of the void
I think you’re annoyed with my tone
You’re gunna die alone
You’re gunna end up alone
All alone, yes I know
That’s why I’m
Drinking again
Biography of my friends habits and his explanations from the initial blame shifting to finally acceptance
Pat Adamek Jun 2018
I wish my heart didn’t get juiced from the sight of you

It’s been too long since I have really seen you for that thought to be true

It’s a memory, fair enough
Memories can’t be trusted anymore than Donald Trump
Though we never discussed him
I know you’re disgusted
The same way I was when I realized that you loved him

Not Trump
but someone I despise just as much
Well that’s the past
What’s passed is past but what hurts so bad is the fact that it’s happened **** near

Still I see your still photo and

You’re a reflection on a mirror that contained all of my dreams
I would have let you be queen
You would probably be as happy as could be

You probably are happy as can be
But even if you aren’t there’s no way for any of us to see
That side of the camera phone
That shows you’re all alone
Or how it took you seven tries to get an angle you can show
To all of your friends

Let’s not pretend that we will ever be friendly

I thought you were my best but a test proved you we’re no friend to me

Now I don’t believe in love
And I never believed in destiny

But if I ever fall in love then let destiny take the best of me

As for the rest of me
I know he dies when I meet her

I’m still the same old *******
You left behind an evil creature

That’s how I know I never had
an angel at home

So I let you go

A little dirt on your feet is okay if you know
that your life will go on
One of the poems I wrote when my heart was broken and I was trying to feel better
Pat Adamek Jun 2018
She said “I wish somebody would have told me then that we were living in the good old times”

Here’s the trick
These are the times, right now while you’re alive

These are the times
They don’t have to be old to be good
And it may have been a long time but it must be understood that even up until then
it’s not the end

The only guarantee about time is that old friends are good friends
You don’t even have to be good friends
By good I mean close, or speak often to know
How the times have changed you both

so much

I think of you often but never draw you close or touch
Or come close to the words I want to find so much

You are living in the good times now

If you choose to let nostalgia become the largest component
I’m not living in the moment

It’s standing up and not using your feet
It’s thinking these thoughts and not choosing to speak
It’s feeling this love but choosing not to believe
It’s different for everyone
Its here before me

These thoughts may seem scattered and why does he keep changing the pattern?
Life is a quilt of different times that I quit
Then started again
Getting back to your friend
Give her a call, you promised
Pat Adamek Feb 2018
We were young and both learning to love
You’d come over for breakfast
once a month
When things suddenly became more serious
I had grown accustomed to the taste
Of coffee and the way that you graced every morning
I had grown accustomed to the way
You would smile and kiss my face
To say good morning

Now there’s that little memory
Inside each cup of coffee that I drink
Do you ever think of me?
Because there’s this piece of us alive down deep there’s
A link back to a fire that never died

That’s enough for me

When I look back I’m happy
When I think about it I’m proud
You made me just a little bihow
Was it all the pressure put on you?
Or was it just a choice that you made?
Even if I’m glad it’s over
I saved a little love you gave me
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