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anna Apr 9
i’m like dynamite-
need a cheerleader,
let me throw you down
while i look at her-

i’m like, “oh, my god,
“i think i need a girlfriend.”
have you ever paid attention to the sky?
i sure have
every car ride
every walk outside
everytime im sad
i look to the clouds above.

the clouds have feelings
they, just like us, get sad
and frustrated at times
but they are kind to us down below
they reward us with their beauty

they are similar to us with one more thing
they too, like most of us, have a best friend
i bet they share secrets
and stories
right as they're going to bed behind the city skyline
together they make the perfect team to bring smiles all around

when the colors of the sun
and the grace of the clouds
bleed together
it puts our hearts at ease
next time,
just look up.
D L Smith Sep 2016
Blissful bliss,
What a thing,
Such a kiss.

Passion and obsession,
Could almost go hand in hand,
Feelings put to submission.

Around and around they go,
Where they will break,
Nobody could know.

A calm summer breeze,
The smell of flowers in the air,
Small bits of glimmering hair fly.

Nothingness, simple bliss,
Passionate encounters,
Softened kiss.

No thoughts, no cares.
No worries, no pain.
Nothing but lips within the night.

Slowly building,
They do not wish to end,
A passionate encounter,
Their hearts begin to mend.

Passion has the power,
Passion is the drive,
Passion can take them anywhere,
And it can make all feel alive.

D. L. Smith 09/26/2016
it'll blow your mind; it'll make you do things, you normally wouldn't. This thing called Love has a hold over you!
After you fall, whose gonna catch you? To fall in Love is chance; you down to gamble? Love has you blind.. But, eye promise; when you fall.. Eye'll be there to catch you.
Love is crazy... Amazing!
I wanna make love
Under the moonlight
I wanna feel her glittering rays
caress every inch of my body
elevate my soul
*To devour my being.
♥ (c) Al'Nysa Goodwin
lerato May 2014
Its something I realize everyday
And each time I think about it, there's so much to say
You always make me smile
I've got xoxo with your name on papers all in a pile

Everything I say to you I really do mean
You make me the happiest human being
Your someone whom I cannot get out of my mind
So please say you'll forever be mine

No one can ever love you like I do
And I hope the feeling is mutual too
Hold my hand and don't break my heart
I knew you were for me right from the start

My heart is singing a love song
Its telling a story of us
I may be right or wrong
But our love is built on faith and trust

I gave you all of me
And you gave me all of you
Whatever happens let it be
And believe in us like I do

And out of the blue
I think about how much I love you

— The End —