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Michelle Aug 2015
A to B and A to B
Then back to A and back to B.
Monotonously making their way round the map
Taking Tom, ****, and Harry from A to B.

Oh, where would we be
Without the drivers who transport anyone that they see?
Enabling us to go about our lives no matter who or where we may be?

To allow old Mable to get out and about
Or old man Joe to leave the house.

To help adolescent Amy to see friends across town
And **** time for Doris by simply driving her around.

I know we complain that they so rarely smile
But think of how far they can take you, for miles.

I know we complain that at times they are late
And I know that the one guy made you miss your hot date

But think of that time you were saved from the rain
And how the bus helped you when your legs were in pain.

Think of that time you were saved from the exercise
Which we in 2015 do so despise.

This isn't ironic, it's a genuine ode
To the bus driver heroes to who I do owe.
When you get high and realise how much you owe to the bus drivers. This is a (perhaps humorous?) ode to the regular and punctual bus drivers I had today.
Mucho Gusto Jun 2015
fresh juice of ripe fruit
soothes the young tongue's
craving for cold victory

it slithers down the throat
'tis a a waterfall, a spring;
vision returns to foggy eyes,
deathening ears reawake;
satisfaction tastes so good:
it tastes of livelihood
Exaggerating? Me? No.
Jakob Walker Feb 2015
The day is near
The one where love overcomes fear
Where nobody is meant to shed a tear
But that's not for everybody this year

"Oh boy, Valentine's Day!"
All the kids seem to say.
Is it normal to be at home,
On a day where you're not supposed to be alone?

Is it normal to remain in a bed,
With no significant other in my head?
Is it normal to have my hand on a controller,
Rather than in someone's hand?

Valentine's Day is meant to be filled with love!
Everyone is meant to have a white dove
So why is it that I can barley find someone willing to give me a hug?
Well at this point, I'm better off just going for a tug.

Valentine's day isn't meant for everyone
And unfortunately I'm nobody's ***
So I'll just lay in my bed
My pillow becoming well acquainted with my head.
Julie Artemov Jun 2014
She stretched her arms towards the sky,
And stood up on her tippy toes,

She made her hair a skyscraper,
And her nails far too long,

She always talked loudly,
never walked, just danced,

Her laugh was stupendous,
Her tears were waterfalls,

Oh how she cast a shadow,
That drowned anyone in it.
Ming D Liu Mar 2014
Exaggeration is a writer’s best friend,
aside from a paper and pen.

If it’s a only a small river,
we see a massive sea
and when they turn around,
we watch them leave.
There is one cloud
but we see the whole sky,
they say hellos and
we only hear that one goodbye.

Exaggeration is a writer’s best friend,
we don't notice beginnings, we write of the end.

— The End —