Jakob Walker Oct 2016
My mind is stuck between the everlasting feelings of admiration and the cold wonder of hesitation
What is going on with me?
The feelings that I used to trust so much have become nothing but mere suggestions and a hunch
What is going on with me?

It should just be so simple
To recognize and act on every symbol
But the fact is that it is not always so simple
And the feelings that once were my closest friend have become a stranger in a familiar place

I shouldn’t have to reintroduce myself to my feelings
What will I even say?
As I glaze up at the ceiling I sit and ponder
Will I ever come up with a solution for this worry and wonder

I run on heart alone
Because my brain deceives me
But as cracked and weathered as an old stone
My heart is beginning to be

I need to restore it
Give it new light
Bring it to a place where it can restore
And give it something to see

I need to turn this stone heart into a flourishing plant
Never to be killed because the light will never disappear
But that future doesn’t appear to be near
So for now I will just sit, waiting, wondering, over here.
Jakob Walker Jan 2016
A friend I once thought to be true
Turned out to be unreliable and crude
Someone who provided a sense of false hope
But ended up taking me on a downhill slop

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised
Most people are taken on a ride
And we’re told a false right
When we’re losing what makes us bright

It’s part of life
It occurs every day until we see that final light
And some people will cover the windows and make you think it’s night
And they will make you believe they are right

Ultimately we are forced to find out who is a true friend
One who will be there until the end
Ones who will help our broken hearts mend
And be there, despite our disagreements, to hold our hands.
Jakob Walker Jan 2016
I am coming to the end of a road many have travelled upon
Hardly beginning to fathom the magnitude of what’s to come
It feels like I’m waking up at the brink of dawn
Unsure of the day which has yet to arrive.

The final semester of a twelve-year journey
I remember a time when I didn’t want to think of the future
But now with the future close enough to see
I realize that my confidence is not as pure

It’s easy to think of what you’re going to do when you graduate
Talking is easy
What about when it actually happens?
Most people like to talk about being a daredevil, but hardly ever do it.

Graduation is like my daredevil moment
It’s like I’m jumping out of a plane without a parachute
And I don’t know where I’m going to land or what I’m going to do when I land
And all I have to guide me is my head and my own two hands.

I’ve always had a plan in life
I’ve always known what I wanted to be
But why is it when the opportunity is in my face
That I am cowering under the idea?

Why is it that the boldness I once had
Has turned into fear?
Why is it that the person I wanted to be come
No longer feels achievable in my head?

Maybe I’m just in shock
Graduation is nearly here
All I can do now is watch the clock
As the time grows near.
Graduation is coming up and although it's exciting, I can't help but be slightly afraid of what's to come...
Jakob Walker Apr 2015
A broken soul
As cold as coal
Someone's striking at the hull
The boat's beginning to stall.

Lost at sea
With nothing to see
Feeling all alone
Without any sense of hope.

No sense of comfort
Unsure of how to triumph
This growing cold
That afflicts this poor soul

But alas,
A ship comes at last
Filled with souls of the same past
They arrive in such a mass.

"We're here to help," they say
But the soul will not leave today
The soul is scared
Unwilling to give a chance fair.

"Don't be scared," they say.
"You're not alone," they say.
Do they know the pain?
Do they know the way?

Do they take the poor soul
Into a world unknown?
Do they trick the poor soul
To going to another ship alone?

"We will protect you," they say.
"We promise," they seem to know the way.
But seeming and knowing are two different things
Are they to be trusted?

They look like the souls who abandoned the poor soul before
But they act with sincerity
They are unbeknownst to the poor soul
Yet they come with a sort of protection.

"I'll come with you," the poor soul says.
"But I am scared."
"Do not fear," they reply.
"We are here."

As the poor soul grabs the accompanying hand
The sun begins to rise
"Maybe," she says,
"My world doesn't have to be so dark after all."
Jakob Walker Mar 2015
Forever we sit
Above an eternal pit
On a trembling floor
That one day will break in a fit

The floor is unstable
It comes with no label
It is simply known as “life”
And it’s too much to handle

At the point which it caves in
We begin to fall
I don’t know what will happen then
But I know that we can’t grab the wall.

Life has a way of surprising us
We think it’s stable and that’s when it’s the most weak
It crumbles when our happiness has reached a peak
Your balance you’re forced to keep.

So stand on this ground
Stand while you can
For when it finally collapses
You should not regret standing on your feet.
Jakob Walker Mar 2015
Atlas is missing

The sky is falling

The world is crumbling

My heart is breaking

Rivers form from my eyes

Sniffles emanate from my nose

It won’t get better

Not much can help

A feeling unlike any previously experienced

How does one handle it?

When someone who you love dearly

Will soon be up above?

Someday I’ll be okay

But it is not this day

For now I lie in bed

And hate the waiting.
Jakob Walker Mar 2015
The world we live in
No matter what it continues to spin
Not enough time to wonder what could have been
If one has no time to live, what then?

We are on a thin line
Able to perish by even a small pine
Sometimes we like to feel divine
But we all reach an end to our time.

We must learn to cherish it
Not by laying back and taking a hit
Not by living your life like a skit
But by using your wit.

We are promised no second
We must live as if we have no second
Learn what we can
And not be reckless.

Enjoy life
It is the only one we have
It all can end so fast
Don’t let one dumb mistake be your last.
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