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David Rissik Apr 27
What do you see when you close your eyes?
If it were the same for me, it would be a surprise
But in the clarity of reality
The surprise is the same.
The beautiful colour of the flowers
Created in the plant with no eyes.
The water knows the path
With no thought it travels from the highest mountains back to the sea.
In the questions, we find the answer
In our hearts we learn the way
And through our thought
Reality is seen.
David Rissik Apr 11
I close my eyes
Find myself alone with thought
What is thought?
What is what?
What is?
In the moment of silence
We experienced everything
A second for one
A lifetime for another
Moving between hot and cold
The cold darkness of nothing
The burning embers of creation
Bubbles pop in and out of existence
The abyss sits waiting for us to come home
The cold and heat disappear as equilibrium sets in
Entropy takes over and we become one

— The End —