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Grey Apr 2020
My heart once drummed a steady tune
Like a contented wanderer it continued on,
s l o w
repeating, repeating, repeating.

But like the wanderer, it sensed you
a disturbance in the equilibrium.
The drum solo arrived, a fast-paced melody

     a     i
  e          n
l                g
                 ­                                     singing.
                   ­                                                   And then...
                                                         ­                                   stopping.
Only to continue again,
just as quick, throbbing just the same.


This time...

The wanderer sensed danger.

This time...

The adrenaline filled my veins
as you filled my gaze
and it was too late.
It's been a rough day. I'm super stressed and anxious. My brain knows that it's probably over nothing but my head, stomach, and heart think otherwise.
The Foody One Apr 2020
I love You because
you're like
Poetry to me -

filling up my lungs
with fresh, thin breeze;

I love You because
you make my Heart
skip a beat -

for it can't take
this drumming - crazy -
that's growing inside of me.
© 09/07/2019
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Hear the drumming?

On point
Off note

No tea
No sympathy

Battle drum


A waving flag
A wavering comfort


Sharp pain
Dull wound

Pretty house with a white picket fence and dethorned rose garden, the bread crumbs lead to selfish tendencies


"Cut the kids in half"

Part for daddy
Part for mommy

Let them cry themselves to sleep
The drums shall stop

Divided worlds
United cruelty


Rush of blood
Knives out

The drumming never stops
Sudden isolation swallows them whole...
Aiden Hand Dec 2019
Do you hear the sound of the beating drums?
It beats and plays all day long
Do you hear the sound that always comes?
It’s sounds fill the air with song

Do you hear the sound of the dying drums?
It tries and tries to be what it was
Do you hear the sound of what has become?
It’s sounds stop with one last pause

Do you hear the sound of the drums now gone?
The sound that freed the people from their chains
The sound that once was used as the world’s pylon
The sound that removed all the people’s pain
The sound that once kept the world spinning on
The sound that will never ever be heard again
Let the Truth guide you.
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