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Tom Stodulka Jun 2018
Arguments, anger, frustration.

Conflict, mediation, meditation.

Today it’s all about our cortex, our right brain, your left brain.

Our amygdala, your feminine side, someone’s masculine side.

Maybe even the bright side.

Who is right, who is wrong.

Onwards, backwards, forwards,

Glass half full, too often these days the glass is empty.

Relationships are strained, pressures too great.

The *** boils over and over.

A fire burns into the very soul. Too much gets destroyed. The damage is done.

Things are certainly inflamed as people are enraged and anger reins.

How are you travelling?

What are your goals?

Common sense, like Paradise, lost.

Love is lost and sometimes re-found if good fortune favours you and maybe the brave.

Children suffer; best interests I hear you say.

But does anyone really understand?

For too many it is all about me, me, me.

Sadly, it is all about agendas and egos, it is all about me, me, me.
From 'Storm Clouds & Silver Linings; My Journey' by Tom Stodulka.
The fallen, bringers of light who died and became angels of the night, they are the air that man breaths; chaos.

So fourth, I was light born in darkness with the healing of the light and the desires of evil. I roam the night in search of withered souls; hearts once made of gold tainted by dark tar. I feed off their darkness, I crave it like a child craves a mothers love.

And so I consume their very darkness, as I removed their demons and make them my own I free them of the suffering and shed light upon their eyes, the shackles now removed they realize their full potential. While I lay here battling their demons and my own; forgotten. As they went on to greatness I was left in the shadows; no one ever bothered to save me.

— The End —