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one step forward and one back
is the way to your destruction
my mother says
she preached and cried and yelled just to get the message through my heardrums
am i dreaming?
worries was her rights
dead corpses whispering into your ears
trying to tell you their stories
from alive to forgotton
will you listen?
your words are like fake gold to their souls
will you listen?
your voice are a sin to their worlds
just listen don't talk
will you listen?
When her eyes are like the hudson river or when her lips were a diversion of her words spoken
Or when her hair was pushed up like a barbie doll
but i never knew it was the end
my heart was broken ,my tears felt like blood dripping down my cheeks
I was alone
thinking the end is near ,saying main friends i give up
my memories is as new as my hairstyle
am starting anew and i don't want you or need you
because i am not making the end i am moving on like you
Where do i start from?
Everyday i fall and the next day i rise
Before i was calm shy and don't even know the meaning of the word willed from starter now i am aggressive can be be sweet and kind strong willed and imaginative
what changed and why?
Everyday i make myself strong minded and i try my best to fit in but not anymore
I survived every bullying everyday and neglection
why? but am fine
Don't underestimate me
I don't surrender i toughten up
Everyday that why i am very happy on the outside
But inside i have a story
It is about me
Black written bold on my forehead like a tattoo
Agun pointed by the side of my head
Just because i am black
I am black so my punishment is that i must stand up for other race to sit down like they are the ruler just because i am black
We surround ourself with our own kind
We work as a slave to other race well anyways that is the olden times
Just to earn money for our children but we don't complain do we?
Sometimes i think that our identities are nothing to other race
Inspired by the olden times
Tears dripping down their eyes
Corpse on the ground, people crying and shouting and shouting and i don't know why just clueless.
When you see the corpse on the ground lying cold and the question that comes out of the their mind is, Is he coming back?
And the memories just makes the water from their eyes flow like waterfall and rolling pins
But the actually question that comes from their mind is , Is he actually coming back?
Silence is what they get as a reply or is his memories going to stay with us?
Pain was written bold on the parents forehead for rituals.
His nose was covered in cotton buds, punishment for leaving his parents in old age.
Sometimes people wondered what was the reason of his death was cancer, ***, diabetes  or was he murdered?
Or who is going to take responsibility of his children that he left behind, His old aged parents who are likely to die soon or his friends who are nowhere to be found?
Their mother is gone now the man made the children an orphan.
Your lips is a diversion of your words your spoken spoken
your hair are like lullaby strings across my heardrums
Your eyes is like the oceans of the never ending planet just glowing, unique
Your hands are like cushions soft ,comfortable and beautiful
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