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Journeys I've embarked on
near and far I've gone
places I've visited
variegated locations
evoking divers emotions
but none could quite duplicate
all the sensations
I feel when I'm with you

-love can almost depict it
but not quite
harmonious shades
and dulcet sounds
can almost describe it
but it is much more
yes, much much more!

This ardour
not boastful
winningly considerate
never keeping records of wrongs

The sweet  sensations
that emanate  from you
leave me with a warm feeling
what on earth shall I call it
it is much more
yes, much much more than the word
I used to be that girl
Had a roof over my head,
but not sheltered
Prison was my abode
Tied down by a ring on my finger And a piece of paper
Signed away my liberty
Sealed it with a kiss
I guess not everyone
Who kisses you loves you Remember Judas Iscariot?
His kiss marked the fountain-head Of Jesus' tribulation
As your kiss marked mine
My smile was beatific
When all around me was pulverizing to dust
I counterfeited contentment Comforted myself with false hope
That things would change
Yet getting worse and worse by the day
Reposing with the adversary Night after night
Fights, arguments and misunderstandings
Were a daily norm
Time is yet to heal
What immeasurable, intense Torture has done to my heart
A tattered and marred spirit
How can time mend
Feelings of loneliness and betrayal, battered and molested
Is there an end
To this barbaric nature
Hard indeed it is to accept
When the one who's supposed to love
Becomes your greatest nightmare I was there
Walked in these shoes
Shed the same tears
Learnt the hard way,
That I have to stand and fight Fight for my freedom
And the independence of my children
I found the victor in me
And not the victim I refused to be another
Statistic of domestic violence
I drew strength from within
And walked away.
Dedicated to every woman living in abuse. You are not a victim. You are a Victor. You just need to draw strength from deep within and recover your dignity. You are not alone. Many walked have walked this road with you and survived although some were not so lucky. But you are alive, arise and walk away! Stand up and fight for your freedom. You were created to be loved and cherished and not abused.
I love you.... whoever you are.
Just once in a while
It's good to recall,
to revisit the past,
to promenade down memory lane
Not for nought but
Just to wonder
Just to ponder
Even though there can't be comprehension or clarification
On how things went asunder
How all went awry
And life took a wrong turn
Plans dissipated like an apparition right in front of your eyes
Dreams scattered like a profusion of puzzle pieces
Just when you presumed the
Picture was coming together.

Just once in a while
It's perfectly acceptable
To wander and wonder
To travel to the realm of dreams
And ponder
What might have been
What could have been
What almost had been
Not for nought
But to feel that magic
One more time
To see those smiles
One more time
To hear the laughter
One more time
To resurrect those emotions
One more time

Only once in a while
I say!
We ambled the streets of Harare
Meandering aimlessly
Fleeting past wide-eyes scanning us enviously
Hand in hand we walked into the restaurant
Leisurely on Second Street
Our hunger awakened
Our appetites heightened
At almost closing time
With no one in overtime mode
A signal that here we could only dine on another day

Joina City was our next stop
Up the lift right to the top
'Closed' it read at the coffee shop
Into the nearest chair I went flop!
Though hungry, we gabbed non-stop
By and by we regarded the clock
It chimed 8 o'clock
And sadly, it was time to go home

Busy and noisy
Were the streets of Harare
Jabbering crowds, kombis hooting
Hawkers, vendors or is it hustlers now -
Calling for buyers or just huddled to pass time
No chill in Harare
Picturesque like a dream
Hand in hand we dawdled
In despair for a hot meal

In the shimmering distance
Like a mirage in the desert
The neon lights read
'Creamy Inn'
Something to calm our rambling bellies
At last…
Nippy evening air hit our souls
'Ice-cream tastes better at night'
I said
'I can't believe I'm having ice-cream'
He said
We frolicked
Hand in hand we danced past faces painted with adoration
'What a handsome lover!'
They probably thought:
My delectable younger brother
Wrote this after one of my visits to Harare, Zimbabwe in 2017.
Our love affair
is too beautiful to be hidden
Whenever I'm with you
it's clear I'm smitten
This romance is unique
it's story should be written
Tie my heart to yours
with a silky soft ribbon
You have the keys to my heart
Only you can open it
Across my heart,
write your name in crimson
The entire world should know
Let them watch and listen
to this rhythm,
the rhythm of our love unspoken
Our love is real
It will remain unbroken
This love is rare
It is too beautiful to be hidden.
Hi, my name is Black Rose
And I'm an addict.

I'm not here for rehabilitation
I have no fancy to cure my obsession.
I yield willingly to this terminal fixation
I brandish it brazenly for all humanity to bear witness.

I voluntarily surrender
To this sweet, seductive habit
I'm hopeless
But need no extrication.

Oh yes,
I'm a freak,
I'm an addict,
I'm a ******.

My mind and
body cannot function
Without my daily fix
I live by having a drag
Every second

Day by day
My need goes stronger
I'm permanently light-headed
From the cloudy ecstacy
Constantly surrounding me
I'm in total delight
I'm in pure luxury

I'm a freak,
I'm an addict,
I'm a ******

I'm addicted to your love.
Sometimes we dig graves for ourselves
Then we cry wolf when they start swallowing us
Time and time again we go back there
Infact we don't even make any effort to stay away
We make merriment, ululations and joyful noises
We dance and celebrate by the graveside at all hours of the day
Then we cry wolf when it swallows us
Deliberate recklessness
The stench of death we ignore
The warning signs blaring
The signals loud and deafening
We eat, drink and make
Merry at the graveside
Without a care in the world
What consequences?
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