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I remember her scent
like soft, sweet cotton candy
I was inhaling it like a drug
as I closed my eyes
feeling a sudden surge
through my body
for a moment I was uncomfortable
with this overwhelming desire
to taste her
I found her
irresistibly adorable
she made me smile
like a child
at a carnival
biting into a cloud
of cotton candy
Britney Lyn Dec 2017
My heart dissolves with the impact of your words
Like cotton candy to the saliva that drips from your mouth,
With the formless promises that crash against my ribcage barrier.
I, made from sugar, forever meant to be your sweetness,
Clinging to you with a candy coated grip,
I melt against the warmth burning from within you.
Your heat has shaped me into another, your lies not meant for mine.
I wish to make you sick with wonder, sick with love.
But my sweetness was made for so much, and you my dear were never enough.
Harsha ravi Dec 2017
That night the air smelt like cotton candy
The lights a kaleidoscope
I could taste the saltiness of the air
My toes burning from the warm sand
I remembered everything that day
Especially you
Your eyes sparkled like those fairy lights
Your lazy smile, so effortless
Your soft brown hair tousled up by the wind or my hands I couldn't tell
And in that moment it was like everything except for you went out of focus like in a new HD camera.
hiba sajid Aug 2017
As I look out through my window seat,
I can see vast tiny blocks and green
Bushes through the white cotton candies,
As I’m rising higher…I can see them faintly.
They are slowly fading away.
Now all I can see is a huge land of
White cotton candies amongst the vast blue kingdom
I can see them move past me,
It’s purely pleasant and picturesque.
I can see them move past me,
calm and peacefully.
I can see them below me ,
I can see them above me,
I can see them from miles apart too.

Each one has got a unique form,
Some are quite..,
Some are rushing along it’s infinite boundary.
Even though it’s beside me ,
I cannot sense it with my bare hands.
I wish I could feel them  with my fingers,
I wish I could jump into one of them,
And travel across it’s ocean of serene beauty.
Could it be icy like snow ?
Or steamy like gases ?
Will it lead me to a castle undiscovered?
Or maybe heavens above?
Nicole Ashley Mar 2016
In psychology class the other day my professor said something that hit me. "When you think while your depressed, nothing clicks or makes sense. Your mind just feels like a cloud of cotton candy. The only thing that made sense to me at the time of my depression was Winnie the Pooh books." And this was the best explanation I could have ever heard.
Makenzie Marie Jun 2015
half of me
Just wants to fly
until my fingertips can touch the sky...
until I can taste the sunrise.
I want to know the flavor of the cotton candy sky
at five.
(Does it taste the same in the morning and at night?)
I want to breathe in the stardust that I've been wishing on all my life.
I want to fly.
I want to be where you cant tell earth from ocean or sky.
I want to find
that magic that's invisible to the naked eye.
I want to light a fire
In my heart and sould and mind....
I want to fly.
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
Oh, lovely sunshine on my skin
How you bathe me in your beauty
And you fill my face with the smile of a thousand baby bunnies

My head is filled with cotton candy kittens
Whose ears have just been bitten
Happier words will never be written

I sit atop a rainbow above a stampede of unicorns
And all the fairies flutter as the baby birds are born

La la la
la dee ******* da
What a beautiful ******* day in the neighborhood?
For all of those who think I never write happy. This is ******* gleeful as ****, sucka.

— The End —