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Renee Apr 2016
Do you ever think
you're not good enough
not smart enough
Prejudiced schools, workplaces
One tells you this,
the other tells you that.
You're told you can't,
but she can
and he can
and they excel,
first place, second place, third
and you're somewhere in the bottom.
No one gives you a chance
you're average,
looked over like the sun
on a hot August day.
Then you're told
it doesn't matter, and it doesn't define you.
Well maybe it ******* hurts regardless
because maybe I want to be noticed
once in a blue moon
for something I've tried so hard for
and wasn't just handed to me
Brent Kincaid Aug 2015
You’re just a pumped up,
Jumped up pile of blather
And I’d rather hear a cat
Yowling under my window
Than what you bellow
When someone is stupid
Enough to hand you a mike.
And I’d like to remind you
How unkind you are to many
That you daily look down on,
Calling them losers and morons,
When the title refers more to you
Because of the incredibly crass
Times you are an ***, a buffoon.

I pray that soon, you will wake up
And take up some kind of therapy
That will bring clarity to your mind
That is fogged by hair products
Or some early conduct of a parent
Because it is apparent you suffered
From lack of parental training.
Or it was raining on manners day
And you stayed home to play
Or count your pay from dividends
From your trust fund. That’s just one
Of the multitude of benefits you had
That made you barking mad today;
That made you say horrible things
About women in general and inaccurate
Statements about Mexicans and about
Better politicians than you will ever be.

If suddenly history goes completely nuts
And elects your ***; a misogynistic,
Unrealistic a sophistic stranger to reality
As you turned out to be, it will be sicken me.
You had more given to you without effort,
And in that desert of a mind of yours,
Which bores most of us to tears,
Somehow the years of plenty
Denied to so many and gifted to you
Have left you with nothing fun to do
But brag about yourself.
You’re an ugly elf.
Sourodeep Jun 2015
Even when the sun rises from east and sets in west daily
                       for a narrow minded brat,
                         the world is always flat.

— The End —