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Waves Q Nov 2018
Let your tears flow if they supposed to
Let your smile glow if they supposed to
Put your frown on before they think you soft
Let them know what they want to
But don't let them know your real complexion
The cry of a chimpanzee
"Don't let them know your real complexion"
Emphasize your ideas, don't tell anyone. Just give it to the world. Make the world better with your idaes
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Under the shelter of the canapies, relaxing in the shady trees
I want to wake up in the morning where my breakfast grows all round me
Kiss and make up, shake my hand
You're screaming like a chimpanzee, come here now
open your arms and calm back down
Hold on to me and we will be blissful
ease the tension make us feel wonderful
No pain of monogamy, the fragile nuclear family
Nobody is ever perfect, we will fight we will hurt
Don't doubt that we are feisty, but together: we will always be
Partying with strangers, sharing out the hunt
Here and there a scuffle, just a kiss a squeeze and shushhhh
Grooming in the sunlight, snoozing while children playfight
We bid farewell by dusk, rub rub, snuggle, stroke. Enough.
Now I'm no idealist, far from it I'm a realist
Perfection isn't my goal, but none of us immune to envy
the forest is lusher on the other side, the fruit is sweeter
I want to leave **** behind and live the pan paniscus life!
Poem about bonobos. Now it's been proven times over that bonobos aren't just *** crazed hippies, and they are as complex as any other ape. However the relative abundance of food in their habitat does mean that serious conflict between strangers is much less prevalent.

— The End —