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Nonso Amawuru Jan 2018
unending sounds from distant shores
lonely soul trapped in an island
screaming to unseen imaginations
hoping for a savior to come
time running fast like waterfalls
these dried woods will i make my boat
sailing to the shores so far from sight
self believe is all i can offer myself
Nonso Amawuru Dec 2017
I have been trapped in my own mind
A prisoner to my own slave
Fighting monsters that seems to know my weakness
Bound by the chains that i invented
Tormented by voices that sounds like mine

I have become restless like the ant that never sleeps
Crickets have invaded my peace of mind
Pawns now in control of my royal empire
Demons seems to have defeated the angels in charge
My diamond crown has been exchanged for pebbles

I heard voices as quiet as the river
Telling me to learn to see as the eagle sees
For it knows that i have gone through seasons in hell
That my lips have been kissed by the devil
And i am struggling to wipe out his DNA

i try to become deaf to roars from darkness
In different scenes i imagined my own death
Then i push the limits of my energy
Trying to find light in the darkness of the underworld

How long will i be a like a sleeping giant ?
How long will i be out chasing shadows?
How long will i be entangled in my dreams?
How long will i be slipping through shadows?

I am like a king with a thousand chariots
I need to become the emperor to my fate
I will rise again for its not late
I will make my destiny loyal to my choices
I am the alpha and omega of my life
The beginning and the end of my happiness

For the night has fallen
My morning has come
In life most of struggle to actualize our true gift.. we need to start listening to our inner voices  cos they have a lot to tell us.
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017
Your beautiful body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above elegant
Black complexion is the new religion.
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017
It felt like the wind seized and i couldn’t breath
     I wandered lonely as the stars which are beyond reach
     When all at once i saw a thousand horses
     Racing towards me all looking like ambassadors of death
    My heart racing like tigers chasing a prey
    I closed my eyes to find peace
    Rather i heard whispers of death
    I am screaming but my voice is without sound
    Fear in my heart grew like weeds in a fertile ground

   My soul wandered out of my body
   My eyes lost sight due to fear of what’s coming
   At this moment I am like the desolate sun
  I try to think of heaven and hell
  I tried to ascend and live in paradise with angels

  My feet as stagnant as deep roots
In flashes came the life i have lived, filled with kisses i will miss
I see myself as a child again
The sweet taste of my mother’s breast became sour in seconds
Luck will race faster than these horses i believed

Pray for me i screamed to my soul which is now far away
Come to my rescue i told my guardian angel
If he dare comes here
i hope he gives his life in place of mine
In a second i prayed to all the gods there is to be

I believed in heaven i believed in hell  
I lift my eyes and behold eagles
I believed and prayed to them too
Hoping they could bless me with wings
Void in the heart filled with fears and doubts

I sent my thoughts soaring to my maker
In a minute i have drifted in the streams of this world
Bound by chains of self-beliefs and self-doubts
Faith and self-belief raining out the skies
I commanded these horses to stop
I couldn't imagine another life
Waves of darkness made me understand
I am a god.
life is about discovering yourself and rising above your fears and limitation.
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017
The first time i saw you
I couldn’t get my eyes off you
You smiled at everyone in that room but me
I guess your smile was what caught my eye
Was it the way you walked
Maybe it was the way you talked
I remember you sounded like the whispers of angels

  I was heading home that day smiling like riches kissed me
Too shy to explain the reason why
My friends see me as tough
As the one who doesn’t fall in love
But that is the biggest lie i live with

You were strangely too beautiful to forget
Your face as smooth as polished marbles
So i painted imaginations of us
I struggled to understand why i felt this way
I reached back in time wishing i told you how i felt
But i wasn’t so sure that you would feel the same way

I came back every time i had a chance
To behold your sun bright smile
To see the soft freshness of your skin
I wished your  gentle eyes would fall upon mine
I stalked you without you knowing
From a distance i loved you for you
In my dreams i constantly see you

In my own fantasies i took you on uncountable dates
I pinned pictures of you in my bedroom
I knew i loved you better than the one you love
I made myself to believe that you are mine
You are a human adorned in splendor
The honey that sweetened my life without knowing

Days turned into weeks and so it continued
I was comfortable with loving you from a distance
Why? because i was too scared!
Too scared that you would say NO
Too scared that i would mess things up and lose you forever

I know you might call me a coward
But would you blame me?
Would you blame me for being scared to lose you?
You were mine and i wasn’t yours
Yea truly most times it makes me really sad

                                                            ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­              
Without you knowing you melted a heart as cold as ice
Without you knowing you made me fall in love
Without you knowing you brought sunshine to my life
Without you knowing your voice became what disarms my demons
Without you knowing i smile in my loneliness
Without you knowing you are the love of my life

In your world i am but a foreigner
In my world you are everything
The stars that beautified my planet
The sweet violin constantly repeating in my head
You have become the commanding officer of my happiness
Yet in your world i am still the UNNOTICED.
stranger to the love of my life, the one who brings happiness and uncontrollable smiles in my world
Nonso Amawuru Nov 2017

She was adorable in her coffee tinted skin
Her beauty as rare as the clustering of dragonflies
Amazing to look upon like the gathering of butterflies
Through her eyes stars felt closer than ever
Her lips was as beautiful as the opening of petals

My heart paused when our eyes came in contact
I felt like i have seen the queen of all that is beautiful
The envy of every woman there is to be
She was thin tall and adorned in elegance
Endowed with charisma of an Ethiopian princess

Her smile was first born
Her beauty always suffocated the crowd  
All i could see was the wonder of her skin
I have fallen under the spell of this black queen
She was a fragile treasure, the elixir of beauty

She sparkled like she was kissed by the morning sun
She was never satisfied with her perfection
Trying to fix what GOD has personally certified
Denting you to wear a skin that isn’t yours
Like sharp sand i watched her beauty sink rapidly

She was deep rooted in self-doubt of her skin pigment
Not knowing the magnificence of her existence
She never knew she was a gush of glamour
Glorious to behold and graced with melanin
Gradually she became high on inferiority complex
She became lost in a world she was created to own

Your beautiful brown body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above comparison
Black complexion is the new religion .
the uniqueness of your color is above definition

— The End —