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sophiegirllxx May 2018
When you feel down, you feel so down you turn blue.  
When you feel angry, you feel so angry you turn red.
But when you feel scared,  so scared you turn purple.
When you are jealous, so jealous you turn green.
When you feel happy,  so happy you turn a rosy pink.
When your heart is broken, it can turn black.
When you feel emotional,  so emotional you turn white.
When feel stressed, so stressed you can't cope you turn yellow
sophiegirllxx Feb 2018
Tranquil waves are my life, because they’re so poetic and beautiful!!!!!!!
That hides my complexion in the faces of the sea… I love thee this day of creation that God gave us…. All the days, weeks, months, years, are spent by social events and just living life…. But being kept in mind these small things are my personality

Author V.S.C.D.P
sophiegirllxx Feb 2018
When I see the days of Mr. September go by so fast. I start to think gee is this even
September at all? Or has Ms. October
Come to play a trick on us?
And came by and passed already,
Then she makes a deal with
Mr. November to come early this year, and then he comes and goes.
Then Mr. November makes a deal with
Mr. December. Then Mr. December comes by to play his trick with the cruelest winds and bitterly cold temperatures.
Author V.S.C.D.P
sophiegirllxx Feb 2018
Mornings cold and wet
With the snow of a winter’s day,
Nights cold and dreary,
With howling winds that say
Why nights do feel so long?
When you day feel so short?
When will light last longer
so ships can see at port.
When will the sadness of night end,
and the joys of the day begin?

Author V.S.C.D.P

— The End —