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Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Frantically Fiery recital
((The Big City Capitol))

Just lay low
The touch go
Calm---- cool--- and-- collected
don't scratch lower- lip got grilled
The light flick
She's the fur-upper-lip got beguiled
The singer (Tom Petty) guitar
Strings sweet jam Teacher's pet
sketch so petty
I won't back down

The Getty Family
Ringo The drummer boy
Oh, Lord! lowercase match

Mr. ****** as loud as
his Cello
The evermore not
the good fellow
They call her mellow yellow
Capitol suite pillow
She's the ((Rhino Cup)
of Cappuccino

Sweatpants and Robin Hoods
Lord of the Capitol (R) Ring

Shinning the Hotel tools
Lots of courage for fools
Ted  bears I hear a symphony
Boiling hot porridge reading
her last Urology

But at home, crack tile
Ripley believe
or not makes her smile (.
Going bonkers
Feeling jump street Bronx-Tale
Elves envelope

The emergency
City Slickers
He's cutting out
Shes sparkling pout
Those papercuts
without hearts

On the stretcher
target of darts
Prelude to a letter {C} but
The [P] precisely to be kissed
she's smart'[S] someone
is stupid
Titanic Leonardo so livid
and nobodies fool trip
He packed X-File suitcase
His trousers a bit low
Your feeling her flow

Right star or the wrong car
License plate all lower case
Disoriented losing you face
Like Alzheimer my Mom
but it wasn't her rainbow
And my heart stopped to glow
Loved Judy Garland
she saw her in concert
Waving high to the low current

We require Jerry McGuire
That's life the cruise
like a game
of lacrosse

So in these days
more outways

The whole outlook

Where are the good men
President Lincoln
In the Capitol, the statue
True virtue thinker

The violin nights white satin
Your own haven such velocity
The top-notch Galaxy
women of divinity
He's far away from his
land and
my land?
California here I come
The kelts in Scotland jingling phone
Your_  heart--  beats
Feeling lowdown at your feet

Being swept away
Capitol C
For the ((City girl))
C for Charming
C for Culture C for Creature

How she sways her body feature
rhythm walk he could forever

Apples they don't compare
To (Oranges)
(Juicy Lover Jupiter)
Is my song
Julius Ceasar the pleaser
All Capitol L-O-V-E
The wishbone, Doves
Turkey days
Walking on sunshine,
not the pavement

Good eats my Cornbread
sausage stuffing with sage
Google remembering my Moms
noodle pudding hold her page*
So grumble let's be more humble

Has the most potential to be kissed
and uncivilized
Eyes of the tiger (Amazon) the prey
it's just another day
In the presidential suite the key
to the doorway

Your girly bubbles no rambling
Or stumbling
Remembering a time giggling
so bubbly
just blow
All capitols so many reasons do we really listen to understand all the meanings. Wake up yawning at the crack of (Dawn) looking lowdown forlorn. He's outside mowing the lawn I know just sing any romantic song
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Oh! Come
and walk_ Jill
loves to react
He's the Dr. Love
Where is the
Jack has better
to spell let's not
Her miracle
saucy roue'

Packages in bulk
You could only
see the
shadow of his
Through his talk
Oh! God let me see
some kind of miracle
Old news Monday suits
marine Army miracle

News on the
We all have an alibi
No backup plan
If there is any miracle
Who hired this FBI
Miracle gummies
Computers don't
react well
Click away dummies

My miracle Pill
Just chill fireplace
What it cost you
Memory lane
Got a lost change of face
((Jack the miracle
Iced Frost)) follower
The book
Jack and Jill Monk pill
Getting Up !!! no hill?
Surrender to swallowing
pills more bills nothing
Too Gong **
Santa Claus roundabout

Or squared into hope for
miracles to be practiced
Losing you he has the will
Miracle cleansed shirt
A goldmine of dirt
He nailed it, Rusty
The  fan is blowing_$$$

The time gets
explosive miracle man
His chin bombing reacts
Moves to show you
So ready charming
Like the miracle drug
Repeatedly rejects
How he ripped out
your barber carpet
Stop pulling so ruling

To be pushed
It was lightening

Bolt and the
miracle earth-rush
Changed our love

Aged wine lips
Lotto riches
come and
go to be fallen

But fate pays to
be risen

((Ben Hur))

But Hollywood
rodeo drives me crazy
Plastic surgeons lazy
Traveling all Golfers
So in like Flinn

The supreme baby
where did our
money go if so?
So fit the fortunate
I reckoning?
Who needs the
miracle pill
All bills---$$$ over-charges
My miracle words to be
sprinkled deleted his
To the very
top that's my
Be happy and free_
If there is a miracle this is not on ice like the Queen having a cheap popsicle. It how  we all react to miracles well all I can say we were born to be wild but we all love to go back being a child your the miracle wildflower new responsibilities
Robin Carretti May 2018
What happens
_ to space_
between us
This is the
human race
Ah, Vey?
Just pray

Overly smitten
But not seeing
  clearly picture-prey
He or she runs!!
Little darlings
here comes the sun

The lime doing the time
Falling trees of coconut
Feeling- overloved
Deviant artist
splat coconut milk

No Security Cat
comfort box
So out of recession
Killer fox__

Chocolatey coconut
Cleanse my mind detox
Almond Joy concession
Rise up Face Botox

He cannot
read you
Haywire always
wired up his words
Hurried Hazelnut
coffee if you mind
Increased brain
functions bitter rinds
So commercialized
The Cocoa Puffs
Going bananas
monkey ***
Lexie Vamp Vex

Mr. Ed overload
of Oz colors baboon
Going up Air Balloon
So many airheads
The  Rainforest
GQ  he's gone IQ
((Quarterly Neck of the woods))
Not orderly Outback

No shortcut
The nervous system
The fast have a drink
Cracking a coconut
Her Safe__
6-6-6 combinations
Could crack her
Coconut oil neck her
City Girl call her

Intellectual brain
Gene Kelly
Raining coconuts

(On Overload)
Strawberry Fields
This will be short
Yeah right forever
shortcake, not any sort

The trend of
Nearer because
of you I am
She was the
Brazilian Nut
With her
blind gut

((Coconut Houdini))
Island of Bali
Beauty of Judy
Somewhere so over it

King Kong
Hairy chest banging
coconut drink slurping
Of girl talk
Strong New Jersey

***** of Venezuela
Overload of
Prima, Donna's
Instant Karma
going to get them
Knocked them off
there feet
Where is my
John Lennon
He has the best beat
You will be tasting my coconut drinks every line your on to read
So take this trip please don't ask him for a sip you have the best drinks
with men of GQ what divine coconut  winks

— The End —