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Love out of passion,

& not out of loneliness.
Love the person,

& not the idea of them.
Love who they are,

& not who you want them to be.
Love with compassion,

& not with judgement.
Love and mean it
& not just to say it
Love unconditionally,

& not only when it seems convenient...
Fall in love with them, not the idea of loving them
Life is jus funny you know... Some days you convince yourself that your world is falling apart and that you’re a wreck and there isn’t a single bone in your body that's good enough for this world & other days you find yourself planning out a future you’re not sure you’ll ever even have...
Think about it
Lost in the mist with low battery,when I do right the world still mad at me,but the hatred just flatters me,heart broken like they baddered me,I do right and they still nag at me,reaching for heaven but the devil still dragging me,treating me like a food product they bagging me,if I spaz it's gonna be a tragity,fighting back like the Shan dynasty,my mother expect the best of me,but the world steady testing me,gotta do this and get that the world stressing me,no freedom society dressing me,it's like life molesting me
Lynch syndrome; when we gonna uninstall it? He taught you to hate you, me, &you;; father. Your mother does everything.. She becomes your ALL! playing both roles of a parent, ⁢it's still not enough. It takes a tribe to raise a kid. Our tribe is Lost; killing your brother over a city, a sneaker, &a; color.
She's divine; but, never fine.. Lost in her own mind; she's one of a kind. Not that's it's a bad thing, it's a sad thing. Not knowing where to turn, she looks for guidance. How have we became so divided? Eye can no longer hide it; now she cries it. You mean the planet to me, but you not expanding with me. Eye'm drowning in this negativity around me; you gonna save me? Eye'm tired of being tired, Eye'm strong; but, not enough! You're supposed to be my backbone,  it feels more like a sad song. Where did we go wrong? Eye just wanna go home!
waking up feeling like, **** what's gonna go down next? Am eye gonna lose my life for the color of my skin? Will they ever comprehend, that within we are Royal! We were brought up to survive &to; be Loyal. Some have lost that voice in thier head that leads! Sit back, meditate, &receive;, what you need. Knowledge is food to my soul &Ey;; am beyond hungry!!! Will eye lose my life today, or will it be 9862 days of survival?
it charges me like, the devil connected  to the back of your head. Unplug your brain; don't be half dead! They want you to hate me, like kids hate thier Father. Why even bother? Bother the fact; you're already born broken.. In a world so perfect. Perfect enough to tell you all you are is a Slave, behave &do; as your told. Only be submissive while we rob you blind.. Don't move! Stop right there! Put your hands behind. My body is a solar panel, you can never handle........ ME!
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