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CJ Suitt Dec 2015
On the night
I learn about Demitri Allison I smoke and I cry
And I drink

And I try

And I talk

And I laugh

Like I ain’t me

I look in the mirror

And I look in the mirror

And I see

And I look


I reflect

And I respect

This shell that leaves me without helmet


To the elements





And I wanna go home

Let my family know I am not

A brown boy falling from

3000 miles up
My response to hearing about the death of Demitri Allison a Black college football player who jumped off a dorm room at UNC Chapel Hill.
PhiWrit Sep 2015
So I wrote a Notorious word to the Crook King
of Brooklyn who wrote the street book
Based on how the street he took
with feet quite fleet.
You know his spirit i did meet,
first last year on bicycle day
A tab of acid found its way
on my tongue it lay,
in the bathroom mirror I was prone to say,
"Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls" and my heart did in fear fall,
Thought to myself
"I swear I hear a glock click near my left ear" so I got the hell out of there.
The second time was a bit more fair,
the air of a fellow player, yao slanger,
beat banger, he spat a 16 bar prayer
of how he was an unknowing player
In His plan a silent hand of hope
for all the ****** that are broke.
That the Sky is the limit,
only make moves when your heart's in it,
then you are guaranteed to win it.
Ain't no sin against it,
**** the world don't ask it for ****;
that's word to BIG
Based on a true story
ri-ri Mar 2015
You are my happiness
Its because you never gave me less
All of you're sacrifices is one of the best about you
All i can say is i love you

Even we have ups and down you are still here with me
And it makes me happy every time i see your smile

Not even the biggest problem can keep us apart.
I love you this much, and you love me this much
Our love is powerful than what others have.
Our lives came together in just a second,
In that second all of my life change into a better world.
#letter #him
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
He had his entire life ahead of him.
He was smart, kind, and handsome

But that accident came,
and no one is to blame

He left Earth so soon, is it fair?
He came and went like a breeze of cool air.

He is now safe, He is with God
In a small town, we are still awed.

We cry and pray, pray and cry
Asking God again and again "Why, Oh Why?"

We all know God had bigger plans
Which are more powerful that an ordinary man's

I guess this is good-bye,
So *spread your wings and fly
Friday April 25, 2014... We lost a very special person in our lives. The accident could not be prevented or stopped. He was killed at age 19, He had his entire life ahead of him... But we all know that GOD has big plans for us all.

RIP C.J. *Gone but never forgotten*

— The End —