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Altamont was
her ravine
but her
rock leave
rift if
timber drove
her away
but stove 
verse finally
where she's
mine but
her arm
wore circ
when carpool
get through
this frothy
hollow again
A note on verbs
Seema Oct 2017
...and the birds grew wild
when they saw my wings
flapping in the sky
they started to sing

broken wings, now repaired
gliding the sky for all to see
eagle, I hope you prepared
for the most awaited battle yet to be

new as ever I have my wings
polished and shiny
i also wear a ring
you be careful as, I come with a bang
to make you pay, with my gang

...for every twig you stole
...stacked it near my favorite pole
...for every notorious song you sang
...your neck soon, i will hang!

•°••anger of a tiny bird••°•
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017
Who am I
but what I am?

Not quite just
a simple inquiry.
So please reply
distinctly specific
while abandoning logic

Yet please most
definitely clearly.

When am I
but where I am?

A notorious
questioning query.
Quietly sneering,
laughing, awaiting
the one obvious
reasonable answer.

Why am I?

Put surely, not simply.

Only to be?

A rhyming riddle
playing a crescendo
cadence of rebellious
Rock 'n Jazz
and Reggae rhythms?

Yes and still no
but much, doubtlessly,
even much more.

A man is to live!

Truly, inescapably,
always, yet certainly,
only nothing

but far beyond
day to day.


PhiWrit Sep 2015
So I wrote a Notorious word to the Crook King
of Brooklyn who wrote the street book
Based on how the street he took
with feet quite fleet.
You know his spirit i did meet,
first last year on bicycle day
A tab of acid found its way
on my tongue it lay,
in the bathroom mirror I was prone to say,
"Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls" and my heart did in fear fall,
Thought to myself
"I swear I hear a glock click near my left ear" so I got the hell out of there.
The second time was a bit more fair,
the air of a fellow player, yao slanger,
beat banger, he spat a 16 bar prayer
of how he was an unknowing player
In His plan a silent hand of hope
for all the ****** that are broke.
That the Sky is the limit,
only make moves when your heart's in it,
then you are guaranteed to win it.
Ain't no sin against it,
**** the world don't ask it for ****;
that's word to BIG
Based on a true story
Deeba Sep 2015
Was the change so inevitable?
If this change brought any other change,
then is the other change really worth it?
chuckae Aug 2015
Tame my wild heart,
this violent beast
beating through me.
Encaged in my ribs,
it threatens to beat
right out of me.
I stopped living
in my dreams,
the day that I woke up,
but my wild heart
raced away the
heart break.
And left me
with a whole
in my ribcage,
were the notorious
creature used
to be.
inkstains Jul 2015
you were everything my parents warned me about.
you were the person only existing in my nightmares,
never in my dreams.
a beautiful mess of motorcycle rides,
leather jackets, and lit cigar.

you screamed trouble
you screamed danger
you screamed bad news.

but i was hooked the second your lips and mine moulded into one.
you were like a drug i couldn't get enough of.
the comfort i once found in the warmth of your skin turned to flames i couldn't put out
and i was hurt.

i should have known.

after all, if you play fire with fire
you are bound to get burned.
inspired by wattpad story 'notorious' by noelle.
go check it out! :)
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