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I love to kiss your eyelids while you fall asleep
Twitching on to a rhythm of your own dream beat
I wonder, is it me that you see in your thoughts deep
As you step in to the fairly realm of dreams sweet
I like this......You know.....
This feeling of reluctance
to leave your side
the need to be by your side
Indulging in the warmth
Even after a cold fight....
Ours eyes met
For a fraction of a second
The universe collided
seeing we are one
As you gaze into mine
A magnate finding its right pole
A black hole engulfing
Everything I was, I am........
and everything I will be....
My poems are the life of me
They are who I choose to be
and if you read them you will find
the keyhole view into my mind

You will be lost in rhymes
hearing the ticking and chimes
of my life translated into word
with nothing obscure or blurred

You will see my imagination
overworked with frustration
It's an art of the mind
Twisting and unraveling refined

If you read enough of them
You will find the gem
That will tie them all you see
At that moment, you will know I better than me.
My poems
A single pint can save three lives,
A single gesture can create  million smiles
To nearest blood bank walk that extra mile
As heroes come in different types
Donate your blood for a reason, Let the reason to be "Life"
In commemoration of World Blood Donor Day
Six yards of glamour
Designed to cover the shame
Six yards of culture
Wrapped around her name
Six yards of colors
Different hues and grades
Six yards of silken armor
Displaying vanity and fame

She drapes herself in the morning
With the six yards of delicate weave
Starched, ironed, pleated and neat
She carries the burden in traditions name
In a world where she is respected
For what you show and what you wear
She carries her silken armor with pride
Revealed sensuous skin unseen..
This poem is about the dress sari.... Six yards of printed cloth worn in the Asian sub continent.
In my country, it's draped in the Indian way as depicted in the picture and the Kandyan way, which is considered the national dress.
In the society where the males wear western attire as a norm, sari is considered the preferred and respected professional dress code for ladies.
Many feel important, respected as well as protected with it...despite the trouble ladies go through to wear this...... despite the fact that most of the time the upper back and midriff is revealed...

It's a nice dress.... it's a bittersweet connection..
Maybe I should just
Say what I have to say
Scribble what I may
You may read it you may not
But my intention is to write anyway

Maybe I should just
Stop being obsessed
With this mind play
Counting numbers red
Letting go of attachment
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