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Poetic T Nov 2017
I never drank out of my
                        empty vessels..

They were expendable

Instead I put Ketchup in them,
            my chips diving deeply.

Every so often a chip would sink
       into this cup sinking slowly...

Only to be found once the potato morsels
                had clung to every tomato..
allie May 2017
in a box
two apples
a pear
are in the box

the box
is sitting
on white
and that
is where
the box
nothing special.
Thomas Newlove Nov 2016
The summer's rain starts smashing down,
Battering the seasoned ships.
It wouldn't quite be an Irish town
Without some sodden fish and chips.
Chris Neilson Aug 2016
A brand of spring onion crisps I loved so much
I rang their "crisps hotline" to get in touch
they didn't stock them in my local store
sorry if you think I'm a frightful bore

A backdrop of colleagues tittering
crisps advisor doubted my wittering
the flavouring specialist would email me
a list of outlets to fill me with glee

To my chagrin I never received the email
my search for spring onion crisps did fail
long term, however, they did me a favour
as I then discovered pickled onion flavour!
For my transatlantic friends, for "crisps" read "chips"
Terry Collett Mar 2016
I come out
of the fish and chip shop
with 6d of chips
and Enid's crying

what's up?
I say
someone touched you?
she shakes her head

and wipes her eyes
no just don't know
how my dad'll be anymore
once I knew

what to expect
now I don't
just take each day
as it comes

I say
he'll be back
to his old horrible ways
soon or he may

always be ****** nice
and there you are
she looks at me
it unnerves me though

she says
like being out now
once he would have
belted me

for coming home
this hour
now he'll say nothing
or say something nice

and I'll be
out of step with him
here have a chip
I say

opening the newspaper
and putting
the chip bag
before her

the steam rising up
be careful
they're hot
she takes one

between finger and thumb
and gingerly puts it
in her mouth
I take one too

and we eat away
he even spoke to me
the other evening
on his way home from work

and I was on
the balcony
and normally
he just stares daggers

at me but he actually
spoke to me and smiled
and I thought
he was quite a nice guy

and maybe he's had
some religious conversion
and been saved
I say

chips are nice and salty
she says
licking her
finger and thumb

yes they are good
and vinegar
put some of that on too
she nods

take him as he comes?
she says
yes as he comes
if he's ok then

that's good
if he's as he was
then that's him being him
I say

we finish the chips
and walk back
across the road
and down Meadow Row together

and she talks about
going some place else
another day
I look at her

walking there
her big eyes
behind the thick lens glasses
her hair bit messy

and over the place
then we cross Rockingham Street
and up the *****
and into the Square

and walk towards
our block of flats
and up the concrete stairs
and just as we get

to my landing
her dad's coming
down the stairs
and I see she's frozen

and wide eyed
he looks at us
and smiles
and says

get changed Enid
we're going out tonight
to the flicks
my treat

and hello Benny boy
how are you?
I'm all right
I say

well I'll be back later
and he is gone
down stairs
and she watches

him go
with a smile
and eyes
that glow.
Poetic T Dec 2015
Floating on a stream of delicate warm milk
I gather handfuls of froth udders tepid silk.

Chilled hands collect warmth on a cold night,
Fulfilled memories of past moments do ensue.  

Each one descends into foamy warm truth
I pick out the choc chips going down smooth.
first stanza end rhyme
second stanza start rhyme
Last stanza near rhyme
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2015
Salty chips
Creamy dips
Licky lips
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things.)
Terry Collett Jun 2015
Helen walked
from her home
to the bomb

site where the
boy Benny
had told her

after school
he would be
off Meadow

Row behind
the old green
grocer's shop

but when she
got there he
was no where

in sight so
she was scared
-after all

tramps often
slept or hid
in the bombed

out buildings-
where was he?
she muttered

what to do?
she looked out
over the

large bomb site
biting her
finger nails

thinking that
maybe a
***** would jump

out at her
then she saw
a figure

come out of
one of the
bombed ruins

she stared hard
thinking she'd

wet herself
when Benny
waved his hand

and called out
you came then?
-he sometimes

stated the
I wondered

where you were
she muttered
he tapped his

6 shooter
looking toy

gun in his
black holster
on his belt

looking out
for bad guys
he replied

she was glad
it was him
not a *****

want some chips?
he asked her
we can share

I've got coins
although she'd

just had tea
she nodded
so they walked

to Neptune's
fish and chip
shop and bought

6d worth
and stood out
side the shop

and shared them
watching life
rushing by

both of them
beneath an
evening sky.
Bruce Ruston Feb 2015
We sat an’ didn’t like the sweetcorn,
nor the forks, the moon had no quarrel.

The sun had no bite with the wallpaper.
Black, Black the salted air drifted

The colour scented with the taste
of chip’s n’ vinegar
mandy rigby Oct 2014
I'm in the gutter, skinny and pale
God bless me with a poetry sale
got lots of words but got no food
somethin to eat would improve my mood
words could be my bread and butter
i can type them all , without a st stutter
someone send a cheque to me
and put my poetry on tv
21st century pam eyres
I really hope that someone cares
let the poetry spill from my lips
as I'm dreamin oven chips

(c) p skez and ms rigs 07/10/2014
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