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Mrs Robota Feb 2
A part of me is missing
And I don't know how to get it back

I don't understand why I'm so broken

A part of me is missing
And I don't know how to get it back
Ilion gray Jan 2018
tonight I have had enough...
I pray to you....
God....would you not take my
Breath and give it to the unborn child
For those souls who could not
Enter a world cold..
Tonight there is no moon..
Even the trees are weeping
i  called to
the tides of Wafting essence
from the farthest corners of heaven..
Waiting behind the walls of wind
Waiting to see your tiny hand
Burst through the clouds of poison gas
And gamma rays disrupting the emptiness
But tonight....
The ceilings are untouched by the startling shrieks of
Baby sparrows,
I can hear every clock in the city
each second embedded
In the silence..
The world is a void.
but i am here-
Must continue to hold your heart
In mine,
Because I will see you again despite
The endless darkness-
I will no longer acknowledge time-
Nor my losses,
For neither were ever mine,  
No! were not to be lost!
I will have you forever-
In the raindrop,
In the ***** sunshine of day,
Beneath the fallen leaves,
That scarcely hide the earth
On the darker days-
I will see your face...
In clouds-
Feel the warmth of your tiny fingers in
The wind-
tickling my nose...


there is nothing between us..
Not even love...
for there are no words...
                       ­      only "us"

I can see you in the night-
Meandering along the broken cliffs
Of the ever anxious ether-
all covered in
Ancient light..
I am watching you dance tonight...
From earth..

You chose to live behind
The gates of sight...

I will no longer be saddened
By the night..
Knowing  now,
you are forever!
endlessness and light...

never die
Nylee Jun 2017
Nothing is worth anything
                 Everything is worth nothing
Nothing is something
                 something can be everything
but in the end , it is nothing .
loveless Jul 2016
Some things can not be explained
They can only be felt
Rochelle Mar 2016
Somethings just happen to,
Work out.

All the hard times,
All the long nights.
All the silent  cries,
All the terrible lies.

Somethings just happen to,
Work out.

The good times,
The fun nights.
The laughter cries,
And no more lies.

Somethings just happen to,
*Work out.

— The End —