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I see you as the sea
sometimes in deep calmness and sometimes in raging waves
Its waters only touches my toes when i have to deal things on my own
Other days it covers me all over when i need so much comfort

Just like the sea i feel safe and at peace
I can always comeback when needed
I can be both silent and loud, I can mourn and rejoice
I can be anything I want and express everything I feel

Just like the sea how the sea listens to my silent cries
You have sit with me in one of my darkest times
I have spoken my all yet you never judge
Asked silly questions yet never questioned my intentions

I remember you in every gigantic gifts that passed before me
lavish yet very intricate to details
I remember you in big and small things
Whether it'd be vitamilk or rolex
I remember you to be both spender and money keeper

I remember that you are not the woman of things in between
You either give little or too much
emotionless or too emotional
never speaking or never stop arguing

I can describe you with a whole lot of different things
But you define you,
A reminder to be gentle with yourself.
I love you and I will forever do.
I’ll think of you, of our memories together

of your hands entwined in mine

of morning kisses and tight hugs

of the love you once told me forever.

This will be the last time I’ll ever ache for your loss.
another writing written in 2017
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