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JD Jul 2023
Your mouth is a weapon,
Your words might not ****
but like a bullet,
It can do a lot of damage!
Sometimes it's best to say nothing instead of saying harmful things
chloe Mar 2018
when i was told as a little girl.
"think before you speak"
i knew what mum was getting at
and what dad tried to get me to do.
now i'm older, only a little older than yesteryear.
i was in a slumber.
now i have turned to my night-dreams.

if i thought before i spoke.
maybe i wouldn't have even said a single word.
maybe i would have been so lost in my thoughts
i would forget what i was saying. or thinking.
no one would no what i meant when i thought about tomorrow afternoon. they would stare into my starry eyes and wonder why they even bothered to talk to me. would they?
but i will never know. because.
even when i hurt someone through simple sounds flowing from my mouth. i would still make them cry. kick. scream. yell.
they would always know. that i never thought before i spoke.

or would they.
only a thirteen year old trying to make sense of her life.
please read generously
i would if i could but i cant.
PeatrJay Jul 2014
I can feel it in the air.

We are all getting much more powerful. Prayers are being answered with earnest and manifesting immediately.

It's now no longer enough for we poets to simply say things like we mean them.

We must say things that mean something.

— The End —