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One the terrace under the open sky,
I was eating food slowly and lost in thoughts,
Suddenly i look up in the sky,
There was one star⭐
It seemed like that star stare me,
Then I started talking him in thoughts,
I Lost in my dreams,
And i fed him the food with me,
I was feeling like the star just made for me,
Than after some time,
I search another stars in the sky,
But there was none..only one star⭐
My dreamy star⭐

This poetry is based on my today's imagination
Nice talk with one star.
i feel that..this is made for me only
Thanks for reading.
Manan sheel Nov 2019
Isn't this night full of stars,
this musical night, this sweet night,
this purple tender night,
Isn't this for me?

And this moon peeping from
the branches of this long-leaved tree,
Doesn't this shine for me?

And these, my sweet tears,
fresh like the morning dew,
these are also mine.

I ask that people know me,
that they become mine,
yet, I don't see,
that everything here,
is for me...

© Manan sheel.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Poor old Clarence Posey
His neighbors are so nosey.
They peek in through
His windows and
They catch him wearing hosie.

They don’t come in
They just stay out
They stay judgmental;
They scoff and pout.
They have no pleasant
Words to say.
They run through all
Synonyms of gay.

Pity Clarence Posey
His neighbors are too nosey.
No matter which
Fabric he likes to wear
They dislike what he chosie.

It isn’t like
They dress themselves
Some way that could
Be seen as flattering.
They’ve guts and butts
Like barnyard stock.
To see them naked
Would be a shock.

Poor old Clarence Posey
His neighbors are all nosey.
They’re nothing but
Awful aunties
That catch him wearing *******.
Grace Pickard May 2015
******* in the life surrounding me through a coffee stirrer
Gulping up what I can whilst I drift away
i am drowning in my own lungs
Pay attention to my heart beat
Conundrum- no sleep
I panic
i must be having a heart attack
Close eyes open eyes close eyes
Blink I can't sleep
Heavy bags
Heavy mind
****** nose
Get out of bed
All awake

Lights on
Bzzz flicker flicker
Lights off

Dog scratch
No time to relax
Awake open gate
Curl up in corner doze off
Dog bark
Sister coughed
Wide eyed
Anxious cries
Door opened
Worry for my life
Grab my mace
Dog runs inside
Lock the door
Crawl on the floor
Lights on
Remain awake
Skim finger tips
Ponder life
Freak out
Pass out

— The End —