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Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
If you want freedom to fail
You’re the one should be in jail.
Wave the flag and bang the drum
Let’s make changes to support freedom.

If you hate because of skin
You’re the one preaching sin.
Set your course upon the Constitution.
Make your mind up to show your resolution.

If you think rights are about race
You’re the one we should replace.
Play the fife and set the marshal rhythm.
The time has come to march right over them.

If you look down upon the poor
You’re a disease we need to cure.
Search your heart and let’s agree,
We must enact the rules of propriety.

If you sneer because you’re rich
You’re the caste we need to pitch.
We’ve seen it throughout our history
What comes of those who practice infamy.

If you think you’re superior
That’s solid proof you’re the inferior.
No matter how the bigots drone,
By their actions they will be known.

If you feel you must beat your child
Then you are still and animal in the wild.
If you use your fists to teach.
Your righteousness is out of reach

If you feel you must beat your spouse
You are truly not a man, you are a mouse.
Truth before and still this year.
Beat me and you've nothing I wish to hear.
An argument isn’t fairly won
If they have to reach for a gun.
Some may say might makes right
But that can’t stand up to the light.

Government and church must be
Totally separate now and for eternity.
Two words that deserve derision
Are these two words: state religion.

Our human rights simply have to be
The undisputed rule of law universally.
We know it’s true, we all saw
Billy clubs and fire hoses, used by law.

If you think equality is wrong
You’re the reason for this song.
And we sing it loud, hear, hear!
And we will sing that song as a jeer.

If you hate because of skin
You’re the one preaching sin.
Somebody surely must have lied
When enemies claim god's on their side.

If you think rights are about race
You’re the one we should replace.
You think racism is heaven-kissed
You can move away. You won’t be missed.

Progress is a gift from the wise.
It cannot happen if we worship lies.
Our home will fail to stand
If we build the foundation on sand.
Francie Lynch Jun 2017
I'm told the sky is blue.
God is dead.
Lead is heavier than cotton.
I'm not convinced I know where the sky starts.
You need proof, like a birth certificate, to be declared dead.
Cotton and lead can both weigh a gram or a tonne.
So, my conundrum... how do I write about what I know.
My name is Francie. I have a birth certificate, and it's
Whatever comes after this is pure speculation.
However, our opinions are weighed
With equations and laws. Laws.
There's a thumb on the scales.
Reason is subjective. Water is wet... warm... hard... vaporous... dry...
I can write about death, while I'm alive, believing in it.
My forehead is bleeding from pounding my lack of truths into verse
For readers to think of the possible, for certain.

— The End —