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Inside out May 2014
Nosey people annoy me
Pompous people bore me,
Pretentious people irritate me
Whilst drunk people irrigate me.
Opinionated people grate me,
Cheating people forsake me.
Sly people irk me
Lazy people shirk me.
Judgemental people cast me,
Bigoted people blast me.
Most people avoid me!
We all judge each other
Francie Lynch Aug 2018
What's the difference between
Bigots and the POTUS?
(space provided)
We all amazed, yes totally amazed by the total of love in the world.
Hate exists because God created it into existence.
Best believe he placed limits upon it.

While his totally love is for eternity.
No weapons of hatred can destroy love.
Or even block it.

Cause it among the bigots.
Just so they can't avoid it.
With their twisted vision of supremacy.

Adam and Eve as much as they get blamed for the world's sin.
You must acknowledge they stay together forever.

Totally love nothing as greater.
There are more songs about.
More poems were written around it.
Graff1980  Oct 2018
Untitled 14
Graff1980 Oct 2018
These marvelous mystics
work word magic,
in the realm of poetics.

Waves of sounds penetrate
the mental barriers
my peers have made.

They speak with silver spades,
digging up the beauty and wisdom,
bending, and breaking the light with
the weird wonder of their syllable prisms.

They crack the mental prisons
that embiggen
the cash flow of sexists and bigots.
They expose the spigot
that spews *******,
with chunks and bits
of acid spit and ****.

They turn the darkness
into lighted corners,
take the depression
and hopelessness
that was all consuming
and present you
with a new view.

They assimilate and share
information and inspiration.
With similes and metaphors,
they explore
all avenues to truth.
Though they soar
too close to the sun
they still manage
to bring back that blazing beauty
before their wax wings melt
and they sink into
the history of
salt water words.
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
In Venus' starlight
I see my own dear fright 
I see your reflection
Seeping into the night

In Venus' starlight
Hush, the moon opens its ear
The stars are shy, yet they shine
They'd rather you don't come near

In Venus' starlight
We're breathing all just the same
The stars align their scars
And call you by your last name

Bigots, believers, bovinity
Strike asunder your centrality
Denouncers, dreamers, gazerby
There's so much more than a wispy sky
The starmen await your ears

In Venus' starlight
Look away to lunar dreams
Mineral profit in rocks
An efficient plague, it seems

In Venus' starlight
Forget about notions of greed
Explore on behalf of your race
If escape is of no need

In Venus' starlight
The sand takes a dramatic pose
The trees, deceitful, the cattle are poisoned
The spaceboys are speaking in prose

What you don't believe, is always out there
Until you have felt its absence like air
You've not seen it all, you won't see it then
It’s all you've got, so look, fool, look!
You’ve read it in a book
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