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nightdew Dec 2018
you make your twists and turns,
indecisive which route to take.

i pound the windshields,
hands in fists, thumming.

you hiss a profane,
steering a sharp turn.

i choke down a gag,
eye bulging,
tears a stream.

you peer my way,
hot breath hitting my skin,
droplets of spit splashing onto me.

i turn away reaching for the door,
the poison violating my skin,
acidity burning me alive.

you don't let me go,
digging your nails into my epidermis,
it goes deeper, popping a vein.

i scream with all my might,
blood begins to pour.

you yank me back in place,
prohibiting my escape.

i stay silent,
adrenaline pumping,
heart thumping,
brain throbbing.

you release me,
scowl neatly placed on your face,
dark brows furrowed, narrowly.

i take the chance,
slamming my feet on the dirt,
breath heaving,
i run, run, run.

you shout yet another insult,
dare i not say,
for freedom, i come.
take the chance when you get it, plan your escape.
Shubham Solanki Jun 2018
I sat there shaking
      silenced by the noise
      your lips were making
      all the while contemplating
      why do I bear with you
      when all you do is
      rip me through
      ***** about failures
      when you couldn't prove
      that you ever loved me
      and my body's not a tool
      for your pleasure plunging
      a bag you can go punching

      Your actions didn't speak at all
      perhaps overwhelmed and appalled
      by your words too tall
      to cover up the shortcomings
      of your shallow commitments
      finally taking a toll
      and now that you see my heart sore
      yet your eyes don't realize
      'Twas my soul you had to adore.
moziq Aug 2017
Kiss me, **** me, make me, want to die.
Burn a hole, right through my insides.
Pinch me. Punch me. watch me as I bleed.
Take my heart and rip it from my spleen.
Cat Fiske May 2015
My breast,
Has a scar,
and I don't know the real lie I've told to so many,

To be Honest,
with myself,
I barely want to know more then the lies I've told
on how I've gotten it,
but I learned that,
boys will hurt you,
and sometimes those things will never leave,
and that they may be,
the only mark you see,

different from the ones on my arms,
and there comes a time in your life,
where you're not scared,

but then you're scared of everything,
you just have to hope for a better tomorrow,
because everything stay with you,
and mentally,
Someone asked me about this and I wanted to cry.

— The End —