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Chanel Dior Jan 2019
Most days I smile,
most days I  rule the world.
most days I let people see me shine
most days I conquer sadness
most days I am a dreamer.
most days I let my mind set sail on my wildest requests.

But not today;
see today I am in a bed of tears,
drowning helplessly in my sorrows.
Today I let the world see my dull eyes and worn down smile.
No see,today I lost to my sadness and it conquered me,
defeated me, today I feel like my heart is six feet under.
Today I dream of better days,
I dream the dark clouds could vanish with a wave of a hand.
Today I dream I didn't hate myself so much.
Today, my mind has gone on a quest to find happiness,true happiness.
Though today its hard, its hard to collect my thoughts when they've only been scattered like breadcrumbs.
Today love feels undeserving.

Maybe my tomorrow will be promising,
or maybe not.
Maybe i'll continue drowning,
losing myself and others around me.
I hope you enjoyed this poem. please share and support.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Today, I started my day in a very bad way.
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
I was angry,
I was mad,
I was upset.
I woke up with a terrible headache.
And I didn't have any breakfast,
which was clearly a mistake.
I put on socks that didn't match,
and I absolutely forgot that I had a bus to catch.
I was angry and mad with everyone.
I was so annoyed I thought I was done.
But the realization kicked in later.
When I remembered that I hadn't said goodbye
to my wonderful mother.
A Darkened Mind Dec 2018
I'm feeling kinda sad today
I really don't know why
My heads so high up in the clouds
i'm floating in the sky
I feel numb to real emotion
I feel switched off inside
I'm restless and just so tired
i crave a place to hide
Paige Error Nov 2018
My day ******.  Walk down the street and flash smiles at familiar faces.  Deep down though you feel that its nothing.  People walking past, keeping up their appearance, never letting down their guard or letting people know their true self.  No one walks past really caring how your day went, what you are going through, or what is motivating you to keep going.  They walk past flash their fake smiles and keep on with their day because just like your day, their day ****** too.  It seems like we are on a hamster wheel never-ending, continuous, and just draining.  Each day we get on and wear ourselves out, for what?  Searching for answers, seeking purpose, guarding our emotions, and hiding our true selves.  Why can't we just open up?  Why not just let loose and just say whatever, who cares, eff it, because in the end does it really matter?  Do the small talk and the fake smiles really make a difference for other people in our lives? Or are we putting on appearances that are unnecessary and relentless and simply just exhausting? We must make other people's days while our days ****, day in and day out.  We don't need a world full of Oscar the Grouches, but why can't we just try to be real and find true human connection.  The more we seek this, the less happy we all become, so why not just stop acting and start being real, so you can help other people realize that their is possibly a light at the end of their tunnel, just like their could be for you.  Who knows, your sucky day could just be the start of something great, or not...but you won't know until you push through and make it your journey, your adventure, your week, your day, or even just your little moment.  So when you think your life *****, know that issa mood. -ZZ
Tyler Smiley Nov 2018
There are days when the sky is a vibrant blue and the sun expels its warmth
upon my shoulders,
then there are days when the sky is filled
with nothing but a melancholy grey,
and I embody nothing but the rain.

On those days,
I may have to drink an extra cup of coffee to pull myself out of bed and face the slight suffocation the real world places upon me.

On those days,
I may not have much of an appetite and will push away any thought of food, even though I know I should eat.

On those days,
my eyes may become heavy, filled with just as much water as the storm clouds lingering up above me.

Some days I wake up
feeling as radiant as the sun,
and some days I wake up feeling as
dreary as the rain.

But at least I always make sure to
wake up and be something.
Theshygirl Oct 2018
you need to have a bad day,
you need to listen to sad music,
you need to have doubts,
you need to hate your closest friends,
you need to have a down moment,
you need to cry,
or scream,
or just be
whatever it is you need.
Because sometimes,
that is the only way you can recover.
Bansi Adroja Oct 2018
Sometimes I want to crawl
out of my skin
into a beach body
sun kissed perfection

Lost somewhere out at sea
amongst nothing but rolling waves
miles of silence
and occasional stillness

No longer existing
far away from dry land
and all of the anchors
scattered in family ties
and at nine to five desks
A Poem a Day : On a particularly bad day
Michael Sep 2018
Through all my struggles it’s hard to say
Which for me was truly the worst day.
There have been so many disastrous days,
But one more will end that I can say.
Stress, pain and struggle is all I know,
Down is the only direction I go.
If only things where different then I’d know,
What was the worst day that I’ve ever known.
Life is built on experience,
This I know.
There’s more to life than existence,
At least I hope.
For now it is darkness,
Just like I’ve always known.
I bear this weight With sadness,
I carry it alone.
My feelings are in turmoil,
My life in disrepair.
My heart hardly beats,
It’s been beaten in there.
My mind is closing in,
It’s a war in there.
Overall I’m falling with nobody to care.
Who really knows what their worst day was. All bad days are bad, isn’t that enough?
Ashwin Kumar Jun 2018
There is a time
When nothing goes right
Anything that you touch
Turns into stone
At work, candidates ignore you
All the relationships built
Through days of hard work
Evaporate on that day
The world seems to turn against you
Leaving you frustrated and helpless
And left with no alternative
But to take the blame
Squarely on your own shoulders
Wishing you could be anywhere
But in your own body

As time passes by
Slower than a snail
You greatest desire
Is that the day should end
And you are put out of your misery
However, Fate has other plans
While you are determined
To escape from the rush
In the famous Mumbai locals
Vodafone decides to come to the party
The network falls apart
Leaving you watching helplessly
As Uber and Ola fail to load
And Fate wears a gloating smile
As you are forced
To board the dreaded train
And simply adjust
Amongst a sea of commuters
Your greatest desire
Is that the day should end
Poem written by me yesterday while waiting for the local train and reflecting on a frustrating day on the whole
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